Taco Bus

Address: 913 E Hillsborough Ave
Phone: (813) 232-5889
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Category: Food Truck
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  • Jeremy Lopez

    Get a burrito and I guarantee that it will make your day better
  • Travel Channel

    Adam enjoys the Rajas Con Queso Taco; roasted poblano strips with queso fresco, corn, cream, and pico de gallo. As seen on Travel Channelís Man v. Food Nation.
  • Vince Patel

    Best drunk food in Tampa!
  • Gretchen C.

    A Tampa must
  • TBOcom

    The Taco Bus is synonymous with authenticity, serving fresh dishes based on traditional Mexican recipes in huge portions at affordable prices. Open 24/7, it's a great spot for late-night eats.
  • Anna Daily

    Best horchata in town - hands down.
  • TBOcom

    Chef Rene Valenzuela's Taco Bus is synonymous with authenticity, serving dishes based on recipes he brought from Monterrey- large servings low prices.Open 24/7, it's a great spot for late-night eats.
  • Kevin Fairchild

    Try the Hibiscus-flower lemonade.
  • James KIM

    They are open 24 hours now!!!!!!!!
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Don't be a scared gringo, step right up to the window and order instead of waiting for them to ask you or you'll never get served. BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER.
  • Danielle de Gregory

    Available here: Coca-cola Mexicana....Coke with real sugar not high fructose corn syrup. Truly the real thing for the Sweet lovers among us.
  • Gregory Higley

    If you want something spicy in your taco or burrito, try Cochinita Pibil. It's pork marinated in citrus, colored with annato seeds, and slow-roasted in a banana leaf. Sounds crazy, but very tasty!
  • Aaron Michael Horne

    Now Open 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week!!! Hellz YEAH!
  • Terry Hartup

    You've got to try the beans and rice! Simple and terrific.
  • Dantell Corfield

    Best Horchata in Tampa
  • Mary Szafraniec

    the butternut squash tostada is delicious!! and add a side of guacomole, yum!!
  • Nathan Bonilla-Warford

    I agree with Anna. The horchata rocks!
  • Rommie Johnson

    Awesome vegan and vegetarian menu, including tofu, tempeh, vegan "steak" strips, butternut squash and rajas con queso. The beans and rice, guacamole and salsa are all vegan, too.
  • Lynsi Anderson

    HORCHATA!!!!! <3 it ;P
  • Wm. Cory Jeffries, LMT NMT

    long line/wait, bit pricey but well worth it!
  • Fernanda U.

    Best burrito i've ever had! My first time here and my friend took me here. They need one in Miami !!!!
  • Scott Rienbeck

    If you have a friend in from out of town FORCE them to come here.
  • Holly Hutcheson

    Awesome vegan options.
  • Autumn

    Best tacos in Tampa!!!
  • Diana Hildreth

    Fish taco no onions, side of rice and beans, horchata, flan and/or tres leche
  • Jessica Miller

    Call ahead. Saves a boat load of time during peak hours.
  • Mike Watson

    Good God! Is this heaven??
  • Justin Dick

    Awesome vegetarian (and vegan) selections, great staff and atmosphere!
  • Vince Patel

    Vince P. was here!
  • Kim Godin

    don't eat the beans! this place has great chipolte chix but I have been sick twice not sure I want to chance a third time =-(
  • Jay Evans

    Best Mexican food in Tampa, and open 24/7, so go after Ybor
  • dee snuts

    Fri has the best special
  • Kevin Cao

    This place is a white wash Mexican place. ask any one that is from a Spanish saying county. Pow La Perrada FTW!
  • Glenn A Papp

    the tofu burrito is killer.
  • Mike Sklarz

    Shrimp tacos are great!!!
  • Janette Flavell

    There aren't words. Just go.
  • Sri V

    Eating here is more winning than sheen... its like a f18 and a g6 combined together!
  • Christopher Yates

    If ur mexican front of the line
  • Jean-Ann Botner

    Verde sauce it the best!
  • Nicole Keene

    Quite probably my favorite food in Tampa.
  • Kurt H

    Their Horchata is like drinking the jizz of a God.
  • Erika A

    The veggie burrito is yumminess!
  • Kelly Campana

    Omg vegitarian and vegan noms ftw
  • Craig Brubaker

    Get anything, absolutely anything, as it is all terrific. Beans and rice authentic and perfect. And wash it all down with an orange Jarrito, mmmmm.
  • Lee B

    I love that the vegetarian menu is as long as the meat menu!
  • Jenna

    Kinda smells like shit when your standing in line....
  • yboring.

    chix burrito. pineapple water. fuckyeahtacobus. <3, yboring.com
  • Suzanne Perry

    Special pork featured on Food Channel available on Monday nights only!
  • Caleb Bentzel

    It's Taco Bus. The Tampa Location was sent by God. The Saint Petersburg Location was sent by Satan and it will never compare to how amazing and how fresher the products are at the Tampa Location. :)
  • Stefaeni Licari

    If you like Nachos have the papos plato. Soo good!! Add guac if you really want a treat!!
  • Jim Reiman

    You can't go wrong with the fish tacos!
  • Devin Rage

    24/7 fucking win. Do it.
  • Mymy Chau

    Prime Tampa destination! Can't call yourself from Tampa unless you come here.
  • Ashley Ray

    The butternut tostadas are amazing!
  • Samantha Dammer

    best tacos in tampa. pick your meat and build your own meal.
  • Beba

    This is my favorite authentic Mexican restaurant in Tampa. I normally order the Carnitas Pibil tacos, with orchata. On the weekends, super late or super early, I stick with Menudo, and bottle of coke
  • Voelker

    Burrito with guacamole on the side. Mouthgasm.
  • Dimitri Barlas

    Hot food and Hot servers :)) always a plus!!
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    Chicken mole time
  • Diana Chavarria

    Try their Tostadas de Ceviche!
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    The chicken mole on wednesday night is divine
  • John Johns

    Theres lots of writing to occupy your time while waiting for your mexicellent food
  • D.A.M

    You must try the Shrimp Burrito..
  • Danielle Bailey

    The vegan steak is sooooo good. If you order a drink be warned they are enormous!
  • Dantell Corfield

    Best horchata in Tampa
  • Jorge Ortega

    Chicken Chipotle. Friday special. Basically a whole lot of awesome on one plate. Highly recommended.
  • Liv Gaggi

    Sweet potato tacos
  • TV Food Maps

    Check out Taco Bus as seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives , Man vs Food Nation
  • Kristin Pulse

    This place is AMAZING BEST FISH TACO OF MY LIFE! Love it here the people who work there let me take pictures in the bus. Very good service excellent food! Open 24 hours Thursday through Saturday
  • Jason York

    I can not fucking believe taco bus stopped making tamales! They took it off the menu. I paid for my coke and walked out. I will not be back, it's the only thing I went there for.
  • Tobi Cartagena-Dyer

    Love the idea of enjoying my food sitting outdoors.
  • Amy Brillhart

    Everyone just stop it. It's all good. Fresh Mex. yummmmmm.
  • Corinne Bach

    Butternut squash tostada and a horchada are must-haves!
  • Candi is Dandy

    I never get what I ordered, good thing I love all the food
  • Vanna Pence

    Great burritos! Had to stop bc this place was on Diners Drive-ins and dives and can say it held up its amazing Mexican food! Cool atmosphere and quick service!
  • Loren Morris

    Torta Conichita Pibil is excellent
  • Chelsea Sargautis

    Vegan steak strips are so excellent.
  • Angela Williams

    They only have Carnitas on Saturday and Sunday. Its worth it, trust me!
  • Teresa Anders

    From Baltimore and had to stop here! So glad we did, it was delicious I'm sad I will crave it when I'm back home! Ask for samples of their flavored waters! So good!
  • Mariah Wood

    Go on Saturday or Sunday when carnitas are available! And get the Papos Platos! Best dish by far!
  • Lesley Evans

    Still trying to try every item the menu. All the sauces are fantastic.I love that the are open,24 hours....great place to people watch
  • Erlin Sierra

    beef burrito! cant go wrong lol make sure to order through the phone, beats waiting the line for 20minutes
  • Nikki Selvage

    This place has great food .. an its cheepo LOL always packed .. rain or shine ..
  • Norman Haney

    Totally over rated why would I want to stand in line and wait 45 minutes for a burrito? I wouldn't so I wont be back
  • Dhara J

    So many veggie options!!! Went for the veggie burrito and added guacamole... Amazing!!!
  • Jenna

    Ohh andd seats are NOT fat bottom friendly...
  • Miah Glisson

    Great fish tacos!
  • Jordi Prat

    Try the tounge tostada!
  • Miranda Culbertson

    Try the pineapple fanta soda! Its awsome!
  • Kady Burkett

    No line!?!?!?!? Schwatttt
  • Justin Mexico

    Try the Carnitas Torta. Very good or The Fish Tacos!
  • Kristin Stigaard

    The service BLOWS here.
  • Lues Gebara

    Been going here for years, nothing special about it. You can find similar or better tacos elsewhere. Popularity due to hipsters and exaggerated greatness. Still a good place for tacos, however.
  • Christopher Yates

    If u order in spanish u get it 10 min earlier!
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    Wednesday night special Chicken mole...a must have!! Try it with green sauce if you like it spicy
  • Elle Piloseno

    butternut squash tostadas! get them!
  • Diana Chavarria

    Their horchata and tortas are amazing (ask for the bread to be toasted)!
  • Drew H. Slater

    You can get a gift certificate! Haha awesome!
  • A W

    Skip the bus line and walk inside. You can sit or place your order to go.
  • Rick Richmond

    Whoever told you that Taco Bus has the best mexican food ever is a liar, and deserves a slap in the face.
  • Randy McMillan

    The asshole at the window will try to short change you.
  • Food Network

    The torta chilorio is filled with pulled pork, cheese, cilantro, cabbage & tomatoes, and is a must-try. The butternut squash tostada, hailing from the Yucatan, is a fan favorite for its good texture.
  • Lisa Starks

    Awesome food and vegetarian selections!! Definitely worth a try!
  • Jared L

    Pescado y butternut squash tacos mucho bueno!
  • Sammy Jean-Mary

    I think the taco bus here is the best tasting compared to St. Pete's
  • Bryan Coffey

  • john wilkinson

    Great place. Eaten there lot's of times. You can find free classifieds restaurant places at www.moblify.net
  • Nadina Barreto

    The fish tacos are delicious!! And the agua frescas!
  • Keith Karma

    Definitely try the ceviche you won't be disappointed.
  • Stephanie Moix

    Here's a tip: always check your to go order. Fools forgot to include my guacamole side, and charged me for it. :(
  • Joseph Hernandez

    The Torta Mexican sandwich is the best thing on the menu
  • Thalia Gonzalez

    Love coming here! This is a must do!
  • Josh Labove

    Not the best (or worst) tacos ever, but 24/7 and served out of a school bus makes this place a hotspot all the time.
  • Nick Ganster

    Chilorio with Birky
  • Jonathan Fudge

    Yum... Tacos!
  • Karin Nottage

    Food is great here! Love the pineapple Agua fresca too, sooooo delicious.
  • Marissa Gonzalez-Suchini

    Best Tostada I have ever eaten! So fresh and flavorful!
  • M1su3u

    Camarones Asados. OMG! Slightly spicy and DELICIOUS!!!
  • M1su3u

    Butternut squash. Yummy!
  • Elias Solis

    not the first time just kept secret
  • Kim Rygiel

    Taco Bus I love you so! Best Mexican food in Tampa hands down!!
  • Geini Nova

    Shrimp tacos and shrimp quesadillas are the best!!
  • Dale Ensiemate(DuBois)

    Save time, and order online! Taco bus.com
  • Dale Ensiemate(DuBois)

    Exceptional food for a great price! Try the ceviche, carnitas, or the butternut squash !
  • Alicia G

    I love to order the burrito with everything. And I get lengua for the meat :)
  • Shannonagins J.

    Watermelon Water is AWESOME! HUGE!! Lol. Also, love the carne asada taco meal! Yummy!
  • Fernando Wild

    Their Barbacoa on corn is pretty legit. I lived in Austin for past 7 years and haven't found any place that has Barbacoa till the Taco Bus and it's true barbacoa not just shredded beef.
  • lisa c eggleston

    We love the Bus :-)
  • Tab

    Swear I've had the salsa verde to go and it was fantastic but it is so Hooooootttttt here I can't believe it!!!
  • Larry The Wizard Siegfried

    Went to the one on Fletcher recently... ... it was OK... nothing to write home about... Just OK...
  • Javier Mendoza

    Foods delicious. Get in line at the Bus or head inside for table service.
  • Bader Aljehani

    Their food is Amazing! And they're open 24 hours!!
  • Nazrene Alsiro

    Watermelon water in the summer!! Too refreshingly amazing
  • Melk Morales

    Best tacos outside Mexico !!!!
  • Logan Inn

    gracias Taco Bus es muy delicioso
  • Chett W

    Get the ceviche!!!
  • Kathy Brackin

    Chipotle burrito Friday special is awesome!
  • John Armes

    Always worth the wait. It is part of the experience.
  • Allen W.

    Simply the best
  • Bonnie Harrisberger

    This place is wonderful, for the price of fast food, you get fresh, authentic Mexican food with generous portions and tender meat and tender chicken. I haven't had a bad thing here!
  • Nic Brown

    The fuck's a horchata?! I dunno. But it's good!
  • Rosalie De Canaga

    Get the fish taco/quesadillas. You can taste the freshness!
  • KathyLea Van Wert

    You can order on-line for faster pick up service. Just be sure to double check your order.
  • Kelly Campana

    Aqua fresca is seriously the best rehydration this side of Gatorade. Perfect mix of water+fruit.
  • Sam O'Keefe

    Sometimes this places smells really bad. But the food is always on point and fairly priced. The food fills you up but doesn't make you feel like a sack of sh!t like Taco Bell does.
  • Barbie Lucky

    A little on the pricey side for taco places.
  • Mariel Kanene

    The Tamles'
  • Craig

    Best burritos!
  • Roy Sansbury

    Get the watermelon water!
  • Todd Vernon

    Open 24/7. Taco Bus rules. Steak tacos are the best! Extra cheese, sour cream, and no cabbage.
  • Hardlife Apparel Co.

    Shrimp Burrito, refried beans and rice in off the chain.
  • Tom Sweet

    Try the watermelon water.
  • Tarah Arrington

    No nacho cheese.... Fuck this!!!!
  • Mark Stevens

    Can't beat this place Authentic 4real Mexicali man, Owned & Operated 24/7 buy a Genuine authentic Latino family, Yep!, Not one of those fake imported Latino Families from Canada, Guyana, or Suedo Rico
  • Rose Vas

    fun concept!
  • Robin

    Great food and even better prices. Definitely worth a trip to any of the locations in the Tampa Bay area for a good Mexican meal.
  • Kristen Nash

    I love the burritos preŮado with rajas con queso & carne de res. Ah-mazing!
  • Jade Hugee

    Try their tamales on the weekends they are awesome
  • Corey W.

    Great place for late night tacos and etc.
  • 813area.com

    Call your order in, it is much faster! Great food, open 24 hours. http://www.813area.com/restaurants/taste-tour-of-813-taco-bus-north-tampa.html
  • Randy Rivera

    The best taco bus
  • Ava Rettig

    The Horchata and Ceviche are both a must!
  • Susan Leonidas TampaCruiseDiva

    Love the Butternut Squash Tostada!
  • Ashley Ray

    Best tacos in Tampa! Get the pork and try a butternut squash tostada.
  • Kristina Stanley

    Get the pollo verde desebrado. Delish
  • Vonnetta Oates

    My fam wants to much
  • Jeanette R.

    If you are here on a Saturday or Sunday you have to try the tamales!!! They are absolutely amazing.
  • Shane Maberry

    Food is pretty good but of the twenty times or so I've been here my order has always been screwed up
  • Warren Sterling

    The pork tamales and the carnitas are excellent.
  • Ravi Kalia

    Best place ever !
  • Mark Bursik

    order at the window and then sit down. it's an eternity to get out of there if you don't.
  • Krista Miller Kaiser

    Yum yum!!! Awesome tacos, and the people that work there are so nice!
  • Tarell Cunningham

    Best last night eatery in T town.
  • Chris

    The shrimp burrito was awesome!
  • Ellen Erna

    Lies° No big boobs , food is amazing though
  • Angel Johnson

    The chicken tamale is freakin tasty!
  • Claudia Flores-Grisales

    Try the "cochinita pibil torta"! Itīs a delicious sandwich!
  • Frank Wade

  • Joel Barredo

    They sell 12 Oz bottles of their delicious salsas
  • Tasha Meares

    Once you eat here, Taco Bell will never taste the same ever again. The Burritos Prenado with Bistec Ranchero is the best in the world. The Hibiscus Flower Lemonade and Horchata are amazing too!
  • Nick Birchard

    24/7 service. Stellar food. Must try.
  • Kazmira Pedonesi

    Amazing!! Get there early to avoid long lines. The hibiscus lemonade is delicious, but needs to be watered down because it's so sweet.
  • Kim Godin

    The service is horrible like the food it's ok but if you want to be ignored go here.
  • Stephanie Weingart

    butternut squash burrito is a gift from the angels
  • Jordan Fernandes

    The burritos are amazing. Best mexican food I've ever had. And its open 24/7! The green sauce is the best one. And they even have tempeh for the vegans!
  • Michael Iacca

    I love the burrito prenados with conchinita pibil.
  • Joel Gladden

    Order online!
  • Jacquie Pray

    The decor and seating leave something to be desired, but the food, is deelish!
  • Adriana Bator

    Butternut squash alllllll the way. Or if you want to have your meat and eat it too, the pork is melt-in-your-mouth good.
  • Gina Mclaughlin

    Not my first time at the taco bus, more like 20th time, best Mexican fare!
  • Kheyra Santos

    I like to get the plato, because you get to make your own tacos! and you get rice and beans! lots of food too! & horchata is a good desert drink to finish it off :p **green sauce is spicer**
  • Nalin Saigal

    The Quesadillas are amazing. Heck, everything's the best!!!
  • Jessica Kelley

    Try the carne asada burrito. To dieee!
  • Bobby Koser

    Get the burrito prenada with lengua.... you can't go wrong!!!
  • Travis Faubel

    Nice vegan selections.
  • Lorena

    Vegan Options!! Yum Tempeh.
  • Nancy L

    Came from cali, food here did not disappoint(: Green salsa amazingly delicious but supppppper spicy!!!
  • Dave Perez

    Anyone who complains about this place has no business eating here anyways.
  • Lorena

    Vegan Tempeh options. FTW.
  • Adam ??????????

    Try the Horchata drink. Really good!