Apple Store, International Plaza

Address: 2223 N West Shore Boulevard
Phone: (813) 393-4720
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Category: Electronics Store
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  • JC Arentzen

    This place is always a madhouse so make an appointment with the Genius Bar if you need help with something.
  • Justin Ricke

    Best place to shop in the mall!!!
  • Theresa Collington

    Make an appointment, go early on Sunday, and Starbucks is downstairs
  • Kevin Giese

    If you need any help, see Jared C. He knows all!
  • James Johnson

    Go to the Apple store and check out the iPad...and of course the new iMacs...see what real computing means.
  • James Hartman

    Add 30 minutes to your scheduled Genius Bar appointment time to know the real world time you will be helped.
  • Jason

    The Genius Bar appointments are never on time.... They should provide a seating area with refreshments....
  • Haas Collins

    This store stays crowded, but the customer service is good!
  • Ryan Frazier

    Make an appointment if you need to hit up the Genius Bar.
  • Dwayne Josephson

    Make an appointment at the Genius bar on-line before coming in for service, or make sure you come in early on tuesday or wednesday mornings when the store is slow. Or bring something to occupy your ti
  • David Young

    I love apple but I they send you to iFix and Repair next door DON'T DO IT! They will mess up your I device more and will not fix it!!!
  • Caitlin Luke

    It's a giant, busy toy store for geeks. Aka, computer heaven :)
  • Patrick Cahill

    If you need help tap a smart sign on one of the tables or talk to the person in the front of the store with the iPad
  • Liz M.

    Just bought a MacBook Pro...It's worth every penny!
  • DJ Goofy Whitekid

    Got a dead battery from your MacBook Pro? They recycle in-store, just drop it off.
  • DJ Goofy Whitekid

    Open the Apple Store app and use EasyPay instead of waiting in line for accessories.

    "Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma." - Steve Jobs
  • Kevin Kabbash

    Ask for Theresa! She's the best!
  • Jeff Weaver

    Kelli rocks this house- thanks for your help!
  • PJ Rosen

    When purchasing an iPhone here, go through the front door and immediately turn right. If you don't, you will waste your time and eventually be redirected there anyway. Sincerely, the proud new owner o
  • Daniel Marriott

    Leonardo was very helpful.
  • Nickolas Khoury

    Appointments seem to simply be a formality here, and not really well, if they call it a genius bar, they should give you a nice stiff drink while you wait an hour for service...
  • Sarah Mattar

    Bradley is the best Apple Concierge ever. I walked into the store at peak holiday time, told him exactly what I needed, and he had it in my hands in less than 10 mins. Now that's service!
  • Matty Green

    Apple now has protection plans to cover the phone and accidental damage for 2 years for only $99 with a $50 copay. If you get coverage through AT&T it's over $10 a month with a $199 copay.
  • Brian Grable

    This place is insane!!!
  • Heath Boksen

    Make sure you have plenty of time cause the store is so chaotic and slow you will be there a while.
  • milk is for babies i drink beer

    Overrated/overpriced I run ios on android but cannot run android on ios. Open source software trumps tethered software! Need itunes to do anything! Crapple and isheep = isnob ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joe Graham

    Get there on time but be prepared to wait 45 minutes or more. Otherwise the service is excellent.
  • Maddox™

    Gotta get your "i" on!
  • Patrick Cahill

    If you need to make a quick purchase go to the pillar in the center there should be an employee there for quick purchases.
  • Jessica Kelly

    Want to wait in line...come on down!
  • Luke W.

    Joey and Shalon were very helpful and kind. A+ service!
  • Tina Kleuker

    Tina is at the Apple Store in Tampa Florida
  • Jason Newberg

    Crowded as usual.
  • Sandro Di Simplicio

    Closed till the 24th of May!!
  • Devyn Weckesser

    I love how nice and helpful the people are at the Genius Bar. It's always packed so I'd book an appointment online first but even if you can't, without an appointment you wait about 30-45 minutes.
  • Arif ~Mubashir Hussain

    Don't be late... If u are more than 15 mins late... They'll cancel/resched u back in.
  • Debbie Small

    Apple Camp
  • J. Nault

    Dropping multiple F bombs in the apple store does not speed up the replacement of your iPhone 5!
  • Andie Dodd

    Why do I need an appointment for them to replace my cord that broke because they can't make stronger cords?
  • Easy Figure International

    Great products but not our favorite place for service. The Genius bar sent us to the Geek Squad! We're worried that our Apple electronics are made by Toshiba, a company that fails own battery laptops.
  • Jan B

    Nicest - most patient people work here!!!!
  • Tiffany Robinson

    Genius Bar appointment & I've been waiting & waiting & waiting!
  • Mike L

    Picked up a micro USB to Lightning adaptor so I can use all my old Blackberry chargers with my i5
  • Steven Zimmerman

    I don't know why this photo did load earlier - its very nice ;)
  • Elliott Ramsdell

    Was recommended to go next door to iFix for an iPad repair, they ripped me off and made my device worse. They refuse to fix it, or refund money! AVOID!
  • Rebecca

    Be honest! They will hook you up :)
  • Casey Kent

    To be seen more promptly, make an appointment at the Genius Bar, and then show up about 15 minutes late. You'll be seen in about 10 minutes. If you show up as scheduled, expect to wait 30+ minutes.
  • Anson Alexander

    Make an appointment before coming to save A LOT of time.
  • Lisa Albert Barden

    Not too busy mid afternoon
  • Jenna Williams

    Wait forever for a sorry excuse for service.
  • Brent Warner

    Try the iPad
  • Domenick Pontoriero

    Chaz is super helpful
  • Jorge Alberto Mussuto

    Some of my best places to recommend to my dear friends and demanding:)
  • Anthony Taylor

    Terrible service. Waited twenty minutes to buy a screen protector.
  • Maddox™

    Ask for Rich. He is awesomeness.
  • Economic Freedom

    Imagine a world without Apple. Unsettling, right? Economic freedom drives prosperity and innovation. A world without economic freedom could also be a world without the next Apple.
  • Ginger Dodds

    Needs a few more associates on the floor to help. LONG wait for training.
  • Nung Bedell

    Get my app in iTunes! AP Calculus Mobile Study. For back to school!
  • Alec

    Customer service was bad and store was crowded. Intended on buying, but left empty handed as I couldn't get anyone to help! Better off going online an ordering.