Address: 1103 N. 22nd Street
Phone: (813) 623-5454
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Category: Furniture / Home Store
Check Ins: 29321


  • Mike W

    You can get Swedish cuisine - including the famous meatballs - at the restaurant on the second floor.
  • Tim Terpening

    Want to move quickly through the showroom? Look for the blue shortcut signs.
  • Mike Laxton

    Just paid under $7 for a dinner for two adults and our son! Great Swedish meatball specials on Tuesday's along with kids eat free!
  • Carrie J

    Wear comfy shoes. I just saw a lady walking by barefoot, carrying her 4" spiked heels.
  • Chris Mcgonigal

    Get a cinnamon bun before you leave. They are tasty and only $1.
  • Gail McQuaid

    Everythings awesome in IKEA Land!!!
  • Zach Wendkos

    Get. The. Meatballs.
  • Eatery Ads

    Your kids can have fun in a safe, huge, fun playroom that is monitored by Ikea staff. Ball pit, movies, coloring and much, much more. Our son loves it! Up to 2 hours at a time.
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Buy the Wok for only $5.99. It could be the single best investment of your life. I cook EVERYTHING in it!!!
  • Britany Stergos

    If you see something you really like, make the decision today whether or not you will buy it. IKEA has an ever changing stock, so if you decide to get it on your next trip it may not be here anymore.
  • Deana Goldasich

    Get there a half hour before they open for a fantastic and inexpensive breakfast.
  • ?Beach Drive Inn?

    No need to bring measuring tape. The store has them and pencils to use.
  • Carey Cockfield

    They have the best frozen yogurt for only $1!
  • Marcus Nanan

    Double check your stuff to return is a pain!
  • Stefanie McNeeley

    WARNING: you must keep all receipts, no matter what! Their return policy is SUPER strict and bends for nobody (you get 1 time 'courtesy return' without receipt, then must have receipt for all others!)
  • Gregory Elliot

    it's very hard to conveniently leave the story. Path to the exit is a maze through the whole building.
  • Daniel Cura

    Pretend you live in one of the display rooms and yell like a crazy person at the strangers in your house.
  • Faith Fuller

    The return system here is sooooooo slow!!! Even on a week day
  • Kelly

    Never and I repeat never go to Ikea on a Saturday
  • IManuel O

    AS-IS area @IKEA where the deals are in the store.
  • IManuel O

    Great place to shop for great furnitures
  • Brad DeBardelaben

    Get a $.99 breakfast 30 minutes before the store opens each day
  • Okie Tilo

    Princess cake & roaming endlessly downstairs are a must!
  • Irma Davila @queenofbrandon

    Buy the cinnamon rolls on the way out. You will NOT be disappointed.
  • PamMktgNut Moore

    Love the textile section! Good variety of comforters, unique window panels & more!
  • Stacey Harris

    Instead of going through the entire top floor, just stay to the left and there's a shortcut to go back to the lower level :)
  • Jimmy McMillan

    Ok seriously? 2 dogs, chips and a drink for $2.00!! Just another reason to love me some ikea
  • IManuel O

    It's called self serve, that means you do the lifting yourself.
  • IManuel O

    Did you check out the AS-IS Area? They have great price on the furnitures there and the furnitures have less or no damage on them. Check it out!
  • PamMktgNut Moore

    Great cheap kids furniture!
  • Amanda Cleland

    The food is amazing, and cheap. Stockpile!
  • Racquel

    Best meatballs in town
  • Katie Delmar

    The vegetarian spinach crepes were terrible. Food is cheap but not even worth it because it sucks. Ikea furniture rules though.
  • Rocky

    Family of four can eat at Ikea cafe for $9.99, every Wednesday.
  • Ashley Lester

    Love this place! Cheaper than Lowes!
  • Yolanda Varner

    I've worked here before and still love coming to this place.
  • Candy Watson

    OK found some really good bargains then I gonna set my creative mind too
  • Carolyn Stieh Cawthon

    Swing by the cafe downstairs for a fountain drink when you first arrive, then keep the cup with tou're throughout the visit. You can refill it when you dine upstairs, and again back downstairs.
  • Billie W

    The cinnamon rolls downstairs across from registers are amazing.
  • Nick G

    To my students out there, the best thing about this place in the food/candy. Walk past the "exit only" sign and get some delicious lingonberry juice abd 50 cent hot dogs! Now!
  • Terri Comeau

    Don't eat the horse balls.
  • Lisa Morgan

    Eat here... It's yummy!!
  • Eric Kelly

    Gotta love those Swedish meatballs!
  • Morgana Vaccaro

  • Elizabeth Combs

    Bring Your Own Friend day :)
  • Ashlynn

  • Leah Murph

    Someone said try the meatballs
  • Kristen Flanagan

    Get the chocolate cake! It's AMAZING!!!
  • Aziz Almutairi

    The best place to find the furniture in Tampa, FL
  • Nicole Romero

    Eat first you won't be sorry
  • Annie Alfstad

    Shop somewhere else
  • Holly Shanahan

    Get a ikea family card & always free coffee in restaurant
  • Cat Czyr

    Im soooooo mad!!!!! No more shrimp sandwiches!!!! This is what i got stuck with!!
  • Shayla Stephens

    It would be nice if they opened more check out lines.
  • G race

    They need more cashiers! I feel like I'm at Walmart on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Audrey Carballo

    Wear good walking shoes. Be prepared to be amazed.
  • Jocelyn Dickman

    IKEA Family gives good discounts with not too many annoying emails.
  • Shayla Stephens

    The budget is $100...wish me luck.
  • Erik Ramnauth

    Making a return is painfully slow
  • Brian

    Double check everything before you leave! Returns are a bitch!
  • Fee Fiallo

    There is no horse meat in the meatballs! No worries.
  • Dale Ensiemate(DuBois)

    Come prepared, with a plan, so you don't have to turn around!
  • Katie Morrow

    Furniture pickup takes a while and doesn't seem organized
  • Michael VanDervort

    Great deals
  • Kerri McD

    If you are there for super special just get yours and get out of the way with leisurely coffee etc... upstairs in window area. Of course your coffee is free till 11 because you have your Family card!
  • Jessica Carney

    Make a plan and stick with it!!!!!
  • Jennifer

    Love this place! Nice furniture for a low price!
  • Adam ??????????

    Shop, then eat, then shop some more.
  • Don A

    I like the 50c hotdogs on the way out the door!
  • Bobby Millikin

    Don't get "stuck" following arrows the whole time. Look for the shortcuts to get where you want quicker without getting lost in the maze
  • Alex Campodonico

    Checkout is always long on weekends
  • Alberto Baalbaki

    Get your IKEA Family Card upstairs and save at the rest and many items in store! Luv this place
  • Pedro Torres

    The cinnamon buns down at the food store are delicious
  • Jamel Morgan

    Be prepared to lift boxes!
  • Rufina fowler

    Comfy shoes.
  • IManuel O

    A break from work, I hope
  • Kelvin McD.

    READ THE SIGNS if you don't want to get sucked into a showroom tour that seems to go on, and on, and on FOREVER. =/
  • Jennifer Buggica

    Buy everything!
  • Lorena

    Get funneled through a maze that is designed for you to see every single thing they carry.
  • Robin Curts

    Meatballs on tuesdays = delicious and inexpensive
  • John Mulhall

    Get food. It's cheap! Furniture ain't bad either!
  • Debby Adkins

    Woo-hoo getting lost
  • UnderRadar McFarlane

    Last chance prices great
  • A Steven Meadows

    Free Breakfast! Keep your $4 receipt for breakfast and present it to the cashier. If your purchase is for $100 or more, breakfast is subtracted!
  • Demi Alghamdi

    The best store to shop for home
  • Ariane H

    Good lord this place is huge! I would've worn more comfortable shoes had I known that if be trekking across a continent. Lol anyways the stuff here is cool, you probably won't leave empty handed
  • Yisleny Serrano

    Shopping and eating
  • Cassie Baird

    The Disney of furniture!
  • Erika L.

    Buy the hazelnut chocolate bars at the checkout, it's cheaper if you buy more than one, they make great, inexpensive gifts.
  • Eric Ritter

    #ProTip: Cafe opens 30 minutes before the store. Get a free IKEA family card and get free coffee.
  • Daylina Miller

    Excellent products for the price. Best chocolate bars I've ever eaten.
  • Kimmie Ohh

    Great deals here! &free wifi
  • Devlin Skahill

    Don't expect any help on the floors.. And the place is enormous! Item was ringing up over listed price, after 30 min of them being unable to verify price we just paid and left! Awful! Just awful!
  • Kimberly Sherrod

    ikea has some new stuff thats enamel and retro!
  • Betsy Alejandro

    Having lunch
  • Jeanne Stark

    Hats off to be a key employee who even though they had a limit on a sale item she let me come back again to get more what a nice lady !
  • Justine Carcary

    like Disney land for furniture... enough said!
  • Ashley Brundage

    who can't love the free child care (:
  • Michael Paul

    Kids eat free on Tuesdays
  • Jessie Smith

    Bring a snack if you have a return, they don't move very fast.
  • akaCarioca

    Complicated and cumbersome process to get help and pay.
  • Kerri McD

    Caviar spread and caviar which is just fish roe is priced good here
  • Talkgregate App

    Nice but tiny compared to Schaumburg,,IL one
  • Chantelle Lauren

    Dbl check for toilet paper!! Flush and please wash hand on your way out you nasty fucks lol
  • Jonalyn Palmer

    This is not where Ikea is. Disappointing for those who are from out of town and go to this location.
  • Jose Rey

    Free coffee with your ikea family card!
  • Morgana Vaccaro

    Their cornbread is the most magical food.
  • Joe Stern

    Dont ask the cooks for anything...i asked for no gravy and my plate was grabbed right out of my hands
  • Chris Stearns

    Furniture is cheap garbage.
  • Suzette Hillis

    2 hotdogs, chips, & drink-$2
  • Billie W

    Cinnamon rolls are amazing!
  • Bob Rios

    Free kids meals in August.
  • Carolyn Stieh Cawthon

    Avoid the meandering meanie manager upstairs.
  • Lindsay Mosley

    Crawfish making vomit explosion
  • Maryann Balbo

    The children play area has too many restrictions and had a 2 hour wait.
  • Julia Gorzka Freeman

    If you come for a Live @Five networking event bring cash to pay the $10 cover. They don't take credit cards!