Ybor City

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  • LogoTV

    "Also known as 'Gaybor City,' this historic neighborhood has it all—from restaurants to clubs—and it’s all gay!" - Alexis Mateo, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3
  • Kheyra Santos

    good for many things...day life, night life, body mods, concerts, dates, movies, dinner... everything. + historic.
  • Arthur Horocki

    It's not even close to all gay. There's plenty of other stuff here
  • tbt Photographer

    Don't be cheap. Park in the garage. It's safer!
  • Okie Tilo

    The cultural center & heartbeat of Tampa Bay: food, drinks, cigars, music, art, culture, love
  • Kevin Kabbash

    Walk fast, drink faster, party harder!
  • Jessica Miller

    try to oust the mayor
  • Ali Wisher

    so many awesome places to go down here!
  • SuperC

    Enough said! LOL
  • Nadine Babb

    When the homeless ask for change make them work for it. Sing, dance, magic trick...
  • yboring.

    check out yboring.com for all sortsa fancy ybor fun. you're beautiful.
  • Debacle ENT.

    Honey Pot on Thanksgiving Eve with DJ Barry Carew & hosted by national recording artist Slimmie Hendrix AKA Pittsburgh Slim! 18 and up!
  • Ali Wisher

    trouble but always fun.
  • Richard Harden

    The Dog's Bollocks is great...Ybor fun times for sure.
  • Vanessa Ish

    Stay away from arthur!
  • Claudia Flores-Grisales

    The "Soho" or "Greenwich Village" of Tampa! Walk along this avenue, take a drink in one of the bars, eat crepes, find a karaoke, and have a hippie, underground night!
  • Stephen

    Beat the homeless by asking them for change before they ask you. They don't know what to say then...
  • Tisa

    Try out New York New York Pizza place. Great spot for late night pizza plus they serve a variety of other food plus alcohol
  • Clayton Long

    Once known as Cigar City, about 100 years ago Ybor City was the cigar capital of the world. Much of that heritage still lingers. So grab an Arturo Fuente at Tampa Sweethearts or stop by King Corona.
  • Ali Wisher

    hell's kitchen.
  • Christian Sanchez

    Have fun! Be safe......
  • Meggie Castro

    Historic cultural daylife, all sorts of nightlife,concerts, dates,movies,dinner,everything! Love ybor city! honestly idk wut this gaybor jaz is all about, there's 1 gay club. Tons of variety in ybor!
  • Richard Harden

    The Dog's Bollocks is the place to be.
  • Richard Harden

    The Dog's Bollocks is awesome.
  • Rick Senderling

    What else is there to say about the Famous Ybor City....go get your drink on!
  • Claudia Krönert

    Ybor City - ein kubanisches Viertel mitten in Tampa. Tolle Zigarren :)
  • Mike Doria

    Be prepared to do a lot of walking. If you drink & walk then you're having fun & exercising. Win - Win. www.mikedoria.com
  • Mark Miller

    And if she says we partied then I'm pretty sure we partied I really don't remember I remember we departed from our bodies We woke up in Ybor City
  • SuperC

    Stop by The Dogs Bollocks for cheap booze and free pool! Karaoke on Tues & Sat!!
  • National Car Rental

    This is where Tampa's Latin Quarter comes alive. Standing on the shoulders of Tampa's early cigar-making heritage, Ybor (pronounced E-bore) is rich in Cuban-American history and a vibrant nightlife.
  • 813area.com

    Lots to do, different crowds day & night, find it all at http://www.813area.com/ybor-city.
  • 813area.com

    Historic, dining, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, & so much more! Ybor City is vibrant and culturally diverse so enjoy all it has.
  • Jason Smitty

    Stay out of the alleys and sleep your friends close.
  • Maxine X

    I love Ybor City
  • Stream8Media

    Great place to visit for lunch, dinner or perhaps a few drinks. Always interesting places to visit. I highly recommend it.
  • Mark Miller

    Of course, half of them were visions, half of them were friends from going through the program with me Later on we did some sexy things, took a couple photographs and carved them into wood reliefs
  • Michael Rotgers

    The Tampa Brewery is a great spot to relax. Columbia lives up it's name and both places have excellent service
  • Lilith LeRoi

    Garage is a gyp, park in a designated free space....if you don't mess with anyone, your car will be fine.
  • Steve Lavelle

    Bars for all tastes. Good selection of restaurants, night clubs and shops. Have a cigar in a bad ass historic district.
  • bethany harding

    most fun. love it!
  • Mario Tang

    Revitalized historic with Colombia 1905 being the crown jewel
  • Frannie Marks Komansky

    Love the Cuban culture here in ybor city. Great job rehabbing this part of town. Come spend some time here. Don't miss the coffee factory and the Columbia restaurant It's a must
  • William Gee

    Eclectic restaurants and bars. Visit some cigar shops to watch hand-rolling. Some nice architecture and rich history, if you want to learn about it. Still many empty and rundown buildings, though.
  • Ali Alkoka

    This a great area. Not Gay at all really.
  • Mark Miller

    But that's enough about me Come on, tell me how you got down here into Ybor City
  • Mark Miller

    She said I was seeing double for three straight days after I got born again It felt strange but it was nice and peaceful and it really pleased me to be around so many people
  • Mark Miller

    Ybor City is tres speedy, but they throw such killer parties
  • Mark Miller

    They're jamming jetskis into the jetty now With some guy who looks like Rocco Siffredi And I've heard he's been dead once already @theholdsteady
  • Mark Miller

    Well, hold steady Ybor City You're up to your neck in the sweat and wet confetti If you want to get a little bit light in the heady It's gonna have to get a little bit heavy @theholdsteady
  • Mauldin Finch III

    Don't drink and drive
  • Nicholas Di Napoli Sr.

    Give yourself time to experience everything Ybor has to offer...and make time for a cigar or two at one of the local cafe's
  • Scott Floyd

    Always Fun and Plenty to do. You just have to go.
  • Joey Weeks

    Best place to be to have a good time!
  • Jason Randle

    Great scene. Great art. Great people. There is something for everyone.
  • Jason Smitty