Cigar City Brewing

Address: 3924 W Spruce St
Phone: (813) 348-6363
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Category: Brewery
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    Produces small batches of hand-crafted, artisanal ales and lagers in a variety of classic styles for wholesale and retail distribution. A focus on local ingredients and culture are the cornerstones.
  • Gary Kost

    Best beer in Florida is here. Get a bottle of Hunahpu's and a snifter, and sit back.
  • Autumn

    Support your local brewery!
  • Todd

    Tip your bartender heavily.
  • Joe Oswald

    Check out the tasting room, and then go on a tour... Lots of fun. Try the Tocobaga Red.

    The beer is made in a 6,600-square-foot warehouse, which includes a tasting room open to the public.
  • Terryl Bowen

    Best beer in Florida, Top 5 in the nation!
  • Autumn

    Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, JaiLai, & Maduro are always on tap & oh-so-delicious. :)
  • Katie Mulford

    Their tasting room is now bigger! And you can bring your dog inside :)
  • Krissy B

    Everything is GOOD! Get a sampler! (Or 2!). Front bar- growlers to go! Back bar is for tasting!
  • Jordan Cook

    I absolutely love the Jai Alai IPA, you have to try it!
  • Brian

    try tocobaga red when it is on tap. U won't b disappointed.
  • Ross

    Hunahpu's Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - rated as #1 Stout in the country. Brewed only once a year in March for Hunahpu Day.
  • Autumn Kindelspire

    Look for my boy Nick behind the bar. His smile is as big as his beard!
  • Heather Jones

    $5 gets you a brewery tour, a pint of beer, and a souvenir glass! Best attraction for your money in Tampa! And some of the best, most creative beer around!
  • Camacho Cigars

    Great locally brewed beers!
  • Violet

    If they have both the Good Gourd & Cafe Americana get them mixed!
  • Kevin Lilly

    Rock Brothers Brewing's High Road Ale is on tap here and it is amazing!
  • WMNF 88.5 Community Radio

    Try the special brew Tropical Heatwave Wheat Ale! #WMNF #88.5fm #TropcialHeatwave
  • Craig Durgy

    If only I could get here more often than once every few years! Great beers for the serious beer lover.
  • Greg Sorrells

    Try the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Brown Ale. It is a liquid cookie. Incredible.
  • Andrew

    Many good beers here but Tocobaga is my favorite… If you can handle 7.2%
  • Will is

    Best beer in Florida.
  • Patrick Q.

    I always get a flight. The taps rotate often enough, and there is always something new to try.
  • William Noll

    Once you sample their Jai Alai, you'll have found your beer mate for life.
  • Wesley Hubbard

    Guava Grove is one of the best tasting beers I've ever had. The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ain't bad either.
  • Shasta S.

    Tom is a great bartender too! You could say he is the best of the best of the best!
  • Walter Walker III

    Tom says Mike sucks.
  • Jonathan Webber

    The class of Florida brewery tasting rooms.
  • Eli

    Enjoy the wonderful beer here. There was a food truck outside, which is handy if you are hungry. We used the overflow parking across the street.
  • Daphne

    Zeus is the best! Oh and Jai Alai ;)
  • Shannonagins J.

    Gabbana is so tired, she passed out at the bar!! ??????
  • Glen Miller

    Invasion, you''re welcome
  • Kirk

    Take a tour of the brewery. Just under $6.00 and includes a glass of one of their beers. Also, they will provide free small samples of their beers at either of the two bars.
  • Issa Lopez

    Bring a lawn chair for Hunahphu and some sunscreen.
  • Pamela Rouse

    Try the Key Lime Pie - Cigar City Brewing!!! Came back for another slice!
  • Karen Weller

    The tocobaga red ale is yummy!!
  • Erik O

    If you love beer and live in Florida - you MUST go to Cigar City in Tampa! Pick up a growler and bring it to a tailgate!
  • Abbie

    Take a tour, pay 5 bucks for a drink and glass! Fantastic beer and bartenders.
  • Caryn

    Excellent flight and the cleanest brewery bathroom I've ever seen.
  • Douglas Coe

    Our table is the round table behind the dart board.
  • Walter Walker III

    Tocobaga yum
  • Greg Pepe

    The el lector is awesome!
  • Autumn

    Seabass & the Blueberry Vanilla Winter Warmer are spectacular... but they don't carry those two regularly so if you see em on the board, try em!
  • Michael McClelland

    Jai Alai fresh off the canning line is unbelievable
  • Hannah Nelson

    Good Gourd Pumpkin Beer is so yummy ??
  • Mario Tang

    Fresh brew cuban style beer
  • Bob

    Great selection great beer.
  • Sandra

    Great selection of beer and comfy t-shirts
  • Jackie Hood

    Get a beer sampler! Pick 4 house brews!
  • Jason Newberg

    Good Gourd is awesome!
  • Lisa Starks

    Try the habanero peach IPA I don't even like IPA's but this one is fantastic!
  • Christopher Jones

    Greatest beet in Florida.
  • Craig Trevor Weichmann

    Amazing people and delicious beers
  • George Afflerbach

  • Les Clarke

    Beer is very good
  • Chrissy Tobin

    Vanilla Maduro on nitro!
  • Dave-Betty White

    The beer!!
  • Jeff S

    Having one of those club tastings. We're not in the club, but still stuck in line :-(
  • Christine Coolieo

    You need to visit this place if you like good beer. It's probably going to be quite well known soon.
  • Kevin Thurman

    Everything, but especially the limited edition & test brews on taps
  • First We Feast

    With inventive concoctions such as the Right Side Up Pineapple Cake lager, Guava Grove Sour Ale, and Chicory Dickory Choc Brown Ale on the menu, there’s nothing normal about Cigar City.
  • Sarah Scaglione

    Seratoma Smoke, Tocobaga Red, Jai Alai, Cucumber Saison, 5 Beers for 5 years, & Cubano Espresso. You can't go wrong here
  • Dan Hill

    Queens of the stone age plays every other song so its pretty much the best place
  • Shannonagins J.

    No possible way to use the restroom with two dogs. Mango had a blast playing in the sink ??????????
  • Shannonagins J.

    A little CCB time!
  • Kate Hall

    If you like IPA's, Jai Alai is amazing.
  • Zach Daniel

    Don't ask for a flight of all of their beers. Ask for four at a time. They will get mad at you.
  • Corey Manicone

    Damn. Good. Beer.
  • Daphne

    Best beer in Tampa
  • Shannonagins J.

    OHHH MY GOOD GOURD... You have a competition, FIRKIN blueberry pancake brown ALE
  • Jorge Alberto Mussuto

    Maduro brown ale;)
  • Mark W.

    If u got em.. light em
  • Colby Moorberg

    Try all of the beers. They're all good. However, don't bother buying the cigars that are rolled in the tap room. Easily the worst cigar I've ever had.
  • Dan Schroerlucke

    The brewery tour is a must. $5.00 gets you a tour, a souvenir pint glass filled with your choice of beer and a few more beer samples during the tour. Jai Alai IPA=beer heaven.
  • Shannonagins J.

    Good Gourd is like the Good Lord!!
  • Mike Snavely

    Visiting from Athens, OH... Home of Jackie Os. The Cubano was hands down my favorite. Jai Alai is super smooth. Wish there would have been something from the humidor up.
  • Krissy B

    It is nice to come in on growler Tuesday!
  • Shannonagins J.

    THAT'S RIGHT... The Mayor is in the HOUSE!!! Lol
  • Brigitte A

    Like sweet? Try the Boysenberry Muffin Brown while they have it. Yum! Hubby says "Drink Tocabaga."
  • Shannonagins J.

    Good Gourd is my fav! Drinking Strawberry Chipolte now! Yummy
  • Kevin Lilly

    Rock Brothers Brewing's High Road Ale is brewed here and it's spectacular! Just won a National Award for Pale Ales!
  • Tony Morelli III

    The IPL is awesome. Try it!
  • Timothy Bennett

    If you haven't had the Tocobaga... try it! A great Red Ale with alot of hops!
  • Lori Beyerle

    Irish Red on nitro is awesome!!!
  • Gina

    The Cafe con Leche brew is delicious ! To bad you can only get in tasting room.
  • Dana Levarn

    Josh Brengle's Double IPA, not just for breakfast anymore!
  • Mark Garcia

    Peach IPA is here!
  • Pamela Little-Appleton

    Need mor tables in the Growler room across from bar
  • Jason R

    4 Packs of the Marti porter are $3.50 cheaper around the corner at Total Wine & More.
  • Monica B

    I'm usually a light beer person, but the jai alai, maduro brown, el lector dark mild, and the black saison were REALLY good!
  • Rob K

    Best brewery the south has to offer. Just expanded the tap house and while they don't offer food this place is a must visit.
  • Rob Stauffer

    Jai Lai was most impressive
  • Michael Poley

    If they're serving 'Flame Out' be sure to get it – great fresh, hoppy taste!
  • Carm P

    I have yet to try a beer that I don't like..including IPAs and I'm not normally a huge fan. Good Gourd is fantastic. Love Blueberry Muffin...Jai is the signanture. You can't fo wrong here.
  • TJ Tran

    Go early because it can get very crowded.
  • Julia Mauriello

    Taste room/bar is slow. Took 30 min to cash out with no beer in hand :( only one person working the whole area and it was slow!!! Still love it and will be back :)
  • Julia Mauriello

    Ian gives an amazing tour!
  • Anna Aliaga

    El Lector is THE best!!! Must try
  • David White

    Visit the tap room and try one of everything!
  • Jeff Dolan

    The Smash Pacifica is an excellent single malt/single hop beer! Try it!
  • Ryan Goss

    Try the coffee flavered brew, crazy good!
  • Adrianna Hamilton

    Winter warmer is my favorite ^_^
  • Roy Deloach

    Call and get on the tour. Ask any question about the beer to staff. They are all experts.
  • Emily Nelson

    Hunapu is number 1, if you get in the right time frame, and the Cubano Espresso brown ale is the BEST coffee stout me and my husband have ever had.
  • cayla birk.

    try the big apple brew - not too sweet with an apple juice extract. normally I don't like cinnamon, but it's truly deliciousss.
  • Quinten Simmons

    Jason is a hoss!
  • Adam Fisher

    Phenomenal taproom with beers you won't find in stores.
  • Walter Walker III

    The east India dry stout. Taste and smells sexy. A must try.