The Cheesecake Factory

Address: 2223 N West Shore Blvd
Phone: (813) 353-4200
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Category: American Restaurant
Check Ins: 14570


  • Brian M

    Try the the sushi appetizer and the thai chicken pasta! Its good! :)
  • 4567Alanna

    Dulce de Leche Cheesecake = Heaven
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    the asian lettuce wraps are delicious and filling
  • Foodspotting

    Try the Cheese cake
  • Kate Person

    Ask for Bonita, I'm in the hospitality business, and I gotta tell you.... By far, best service I've ever had!
  • Cedric Britton

    Try the Lunch Grilled Salmon....
  • Susie Steiner

    Farfale Pasta is delicious!
  • ConnieFoggles

    If you can't save room for dessert, get some cheesecake to go
  • Madison Macleod

    Split your dessert with someone. You'll thank yourself later.
  • Joe C ????

    Ashley is the best Nugget Server!
  • Erlin Sierra

    Love the environment
  • Ashley Bly??

    Be nice to your server
  • Foodspotting

    Try the crab cake
  • Jessica Jones

    Vietnamese shrimp summer rolls are my fave!
  • Ryan Frazier

    Avocado egg rolls. Can't get 'em anywhere but here, so order and enjoy!
  • Nicole C

    Get the lunch salad and pizza special. You get a ton of food for a great price-- the salads are huge!
  • Jeff Donald

    You got to have the cheese cake
  • Billy Womack

    I am here or The Capital Grille every Tues night with out fail.
  • Rachel Zablocki

    Two words: alcoholic milkshakes
  • Kevin Tait

    Nachos with spicy chicken and reeses cheesecake
  • Eric Ritter

    Want to have an awesome salad from here.
  • Michael Alberts

    Chicken medeira and steak Diane... Absolutely amazing. White Chocolate macadamia cheesecake for desert was the perfect ending!
  • Adriana Bator

    Happy Hour from 4-6pm. $5 select drinks and appetizers!
  • Nick DiVincenzo

    Ask for Yuri. She ROCKS!!!!!!!
  • C.C. ??

  • Joseph Stines

    Ahi Tuna carpaccio is delicious!!!
  • Janice Stokes

    Luau salad is awsome!
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    The quacamole is off the chain
  • Kirk Ahlquist

    Go to the bathroom before you get there. They are too busy to keep them clean
  • Steven Ballard

    Get the Shephards Pie! Amazing!!
  • Nung Bedell

    Chicken Belagio
  • Renee Jeffries

    Mmmmm....Chicken Madeira.
  • Fernando Salido

    Depende lo que pidas no de queda espacio para el postre.
  • Jerry Cisar

    The Moroccan Chicken is divine. Fantastic.
  • Sanela Resic

    Luau salad is amazing best I've ever had
  • Albizu Acevedo

    Try the wasabi crusted ahi tuna, it was like a huge sushi:) the French country salad was huge;)
  • Lily Sanford

    The Cuban Sandwich is to die for.....Believe I know about Cuban food....I'm Cuban :)
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    The new skinnylicious menu:)
  • Julie Cox-Money

    The Lettuce wraps are the bomb!!! They also have an awesome happy hour menu during the week!
  • Jerry Cisar

    Tamale Cakes are the most amazing appetizer your taste bids can imagine.
  • hend ismail

    Try the Dark Chocolate Marscarpone Cheesecake - Heaven
  • dave baptista

    The veggie burger is the best I've ever had. Also, a good amount of vegan options for being a chain.
  • Taryn A

    Order a bunch of appetizers for the table to share, they are big enough to be meals on their own!
  • Jon Flores

    Sit at the bar for happy hour from 4-6 great food and great service!
  • Dieter Randolph

    The new veggie burger is outstanding.
  • PJ

    Miso Salmon is the best!
  • Rachel Zablocki

    I highly recommend the apple martini.
  • Nung Bedell

    New special menu try the Chicken Bellagio
  • Tiffany R

    My favorite is Miso Salmon with Strawberry Lemonade. If you get the lunch portion, it is just right and cheaper.
  • Youssef Abrache

    Great looking hosts.....
  • Natasha Lueders Graf

    Try the Godiva cheesecake. And take another slice back home. ?? The staff is very nice.
  • Chelsea Passmore

    Everything! Cheesecake Coma!
  • Farrah AlSebaiheen

    The Santorini Farro Salad and the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake are Ah-mazing!!!
  • Christopher Nason

    I always walk over to the desert case to check out all the cheesecakes.
  • Tyler Herring

    Avocado egg rolls are a staple. Never come without getting them.
  • Meredith Coats

    Amazing food!! Great service!!
  • Mathias De Beyser

    All pasta's are great! No matter which one you pick!
  • Brian LaVigne

    Busy busy place ... menu is intimidating
  • Gina Marie Santore

    Frank was a great waiter on 7/21/14. Enjoyed the made-to-order guac and Godiva cheesecake.
  • Michael Butterfield

    Server was very slow and unorganized. Food was pretty good, except for the Buffalo Burger, but I guess that is to be expected.
  • K Miller

    The Red Velvet Cheesecake is fantastic!
  • Tim Recchion

    Buffalo blast appetizer. You're welcome.
  • Sheila Clardie

    The best cheesecake around. If you don't have room when you finish your meal, you have to take a slice home.
  • Mark Medford

    Calorie monsta
  • Devyn Weckesser

    The food and service here is amazing! And the staff never look stressed out even when they're packed.
  • Stacey Merrill

    Everything is twice as big as it needs to be so come hungry or share
  • Rick Waterman

    Our server, Felicia, was an incredible person...friendly, offered suggestions and had a fantastic laugh that was infectious. Hope to see her again.
  • Aileen Tan

    the wasabi crusted tuna was delish!
  • Gina Reese

    Best place ever their chicken Alfredo was the best!!!!
  • Phil M

    Bring a flashlight to read the menu, lol. Other than that, the food was great and the service outstanding; thank you Marco.
  • Stephen Mitchell

    Joe Girardi frequents here during spring training.
  • Erick Burnham

    Be careful, the salads are huge!
  • Rhianna Kollmann

    Ask for Chase to be your server!!! Fabulous, been in Tampa 7 days and was the best server all week!!!!
  • Talkgregate App

    Jambalaya!! Feeds a family of 8!!
  • Diana Lynn

    The parking lot is a MESS!
  • Shawn Ramos

    The Kobe Burger is amazing
  • Morgana Vaccaro

    I had a hair in my food. My waitress told me it was "a piece of cheese". It was not. Manager took the food off my bill but still made me pay for my soda. A little rude.
  • Emily G.

    Love the Tiramisu!!
  • Liz M.

    Try the Chicken Bellagio! Delish!
  • Juile king

    Chicken samaos are awesome.
  • Casey Toole

    Chicken tacos were really messy. Tortillas blew out and made a mess. Favorite is the skinnylicious tuscan chicken ?
  • J Co

    Try the Crusted Chicken Romano-Lunch Size - Yum-o! Delish but ask for extra sauce. Even lunch portion is HUGE!
  • Hal Compton

    Ask for Paige. One of the nicest waitresses we've ever had here.
  • Jennifer Compton

    Ask for Paige! Such a fun waitress!!!
  • Tiffiny True

    Carrot cake cheesecake... Great combo of yumminess!
  • Rai

    Red velvet cheesecake is amazinggggggg :)))))) didn't like the chicken teriyaki.. Four cheese pasta is amazing though
  • Ashley Sims

    Chicken di pana :) mmmm
  • TJ Tran

    2 words: Luau Salad
  • Manuela O'Brien

    Bistro shrimp pasta is the best!
  • Margaret Sheehan

    Awesome honey mustard!
  • Emily Hartranft

    Best fried macaroni and cheese ever!
  • Ellen Guevel

    Try the chicken romano work Alfredo. Yum
  • Alfredo Villasmil

    Try thr chees cake. It's so obvious
  • Tony Stark

    Try the be Pina Colada Cheesecake. Ultimate boner!
  • ?#IamRomdelacrème?

    Always enjoy coming to the Cheesecake Factory.
  • Kristin Wright

    Crab cake bites are delicious!
  • Pamela Maraffi

    Pricy but worth it the food is always amazing and the drinks are yummy like the flying gorilla!!!
  • Maritza Lorenzo

    Pasta With Meat Sauce is great! Perfect portion and the bread is delicious! :)
  • Ashley R

    Sunday Brunch is awesome. French Toast Napoleon FTW!
  • Courtney Gripentrog

    Decent food. Bad service, but in their defense it is insanely busy.
  • Peggy L.

    The Adams Peanut Butter Chocolate cheesecake is fabulous!
  • Brian Scott

    Try the lemoncello cream tort
  • Economic Freedom

    Cheesecake leads to real waist-size growth and economic freedom leads to real job growth. Enjoy your dessert while reading more about the benefits of economic freedom.
  • Jessica Ormeno

    Try the chicken samosas; they're excelente!
  • Nikole Kristine

    Godiva Cheesecake!!
  • Joe C ????

    Jambalaya and put alfredo on it. It's the jump off! Don't forget the strawberry lemonade!
  • John Weldon

    Ask for Jimmy, he is the best waiter in the place. Try the Mahi-Mahi, it's not on the menu anymore but it's so goood!
  • Sizzly Auer Licensed Midwife

    Come here when your hungry it's alot of food.
  • Pauline Tr?n-Nguy?n

    All the cheesecakes here are positively amazing!
  • Sara T

    I got a sante fe chicken salad and literally there was not even a bite of chicken on the salad. The manager was a dick and I will never come back here.
  • Martin Johnson

    The Hibachi Steak is ridiculous!
  • Robert Morse

    The chicken enchiladas are excellent, as is the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. We'll be back again!
  • Installyourfloors .com

    There nothing better than their ICE cold sam adams!
  • Jessica Spicer

    Chicken and biscuits makes this Southern girl happy.
  • Stephanie Vandertholen

    Fire roasted artichoke. Yum. And skip the cheesecake and try the lemon torte. You won't be sad.
  • Mary Striby

    Try the blueberry mojito-- it's not on the menu.
  • David Wallace

    New find: the Pasta with Meat Sauce is amazing!
  • Youssef Abrache

    I would love some blue cheese with my salad