College of Business (BSN)

Address: 4202 E Fowler Ave.
Phone: (813) 974-4281
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  • University of South Florida

    The USF Entrepreneurship Program at the College of Business is one of the top 25 graduate programs in the country!
  • Elizabeth Sellers

    These classrooms are freezing- bring a sweatshirt!
  • Anna Daily

    Probably the best place to go in a real or HvZ zombie apocalypse.
  • Dade Murphy

    You have arrived as an upperclassman, when the majority of your class rooms are three digit and not four! New building is AWESOME! No feet on the furniture please!
  • Sasha Cameron

    Get the mocha javalanche from java city. You won't regret it!
  • David Dandaneau

    The GREATEST place to attend college! I could be a little biased but that is my opinion... GO BULLS!!!
  • Lulu Pearson

    the vending machine by boars head deli steals your money just about every other time
  • Raffy Syed

    Watch out for gum underneath the desk thingys
  • Mohammed Abdulgaffar

    Take a walk, relax, and enjoy the weather
  • Selwyn Baptiste

    Place is always cold!!
  • Lorie Briggs

    Take the GMAT as a senior in the bachelor's program, while you are accustomed to studying for tests! Scores are valid for five years, so you'll have that completed when you're ready to go for the MBA.
  • Tyler Fordham

    Good luck getting signal in this building. Especially in the big lecture hall :P
  • OnlineAdvisor

    Business economics is a specialized branch in applied economics that mainly focuses on the application of economic theories in business management.
  • Selwyn Baptiste

    Anand Kumar for Promotion Management is a great teacher.
  • Lorie Briggs

    The College of Business is a great place!
  • Harland Henry

    Guest speaker Walt Pavlo of MCI fraud case.
  • Ben Ostrowsky

    Wheelchair-accessible entrance is on the northeast corner. So if you can't handle stairs, go to the entrance closest to the SunDome.
  • Melanie Brown

    Bring the heavy - duty mosquito spray.