Muvico Starlight 20 Theater

Address: 18002 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy
Phone: (813) 558-9755
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Category: Movie Theater
Check Ins: 15324


  • Autty Hill

    Extra super comfy seats w/ lift up likey
  • Kristen Flanagan

    Friday and Saturday nights are filled with middle schoolers. Super obnoxious.
  • Ashley Sims

    Don't go on a Saturday night, middle school party.
  • Scott Rienbeck

    All auditoriums have digital projection. Movies look great here!
  • Jerry Swiatek

    What a fantastic place to see a movie.
  • Daniel Cura

    Watch a movie or something. I hear they sell popcorn too!
  • Garrison Hamilton??

    Great theatre; it's maintained a great presentation for many years and it's staff is always pleasant
  • Nicole Keene

    Sound and pictures are unmatched in the Tampa Bay area. Definitely get out here!
  • Ashley Marban

    I don't know why anyone would see a film at any other place.
  • Sandra Cotto

    Best movie theater! But I wish parents wouldn't just drop off their high-school kids. It's not a daycare!
  • Ryan Frazier

    Avoid Friday nights. It's a teeny bopper fiesta!
  • Cheryl Z

    Too cold in this place!!! Wear long everything! Lol
  • Trisha Swanson

    You let me down muvico you let mee down =(
  • Patrick Fulgado

    Save some money and do $8 dollar matinees (Show times before 4pm).
  • Brandon

    By far the best theater in Tampa.
  • Ramone Echols

    Love the seats!
  • Jennifer P

    Bring a sweater it's cooooold!
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Watch all the summer movies here!
  • Dawn Kidle

    Best Movie Theater in Tampa! Digital, comfy seats, and funnel cakes!!! :)
  • Lawrence Cesarsky

    This is the nicest theatre in the area. Love it.
  • Gena Gavric

    Very good movie theather
  • Talkgregate App

    No one here this Saturday
  • Brittany Cerny

    Concession is kinda slow, so give yourself extra time to get through the lines
  • Rachel L.

    This place as gone down hill! Make the extra time and go to the Cobb!! Bad service for sure
  • Ricardo Rosario

    D box motion seats are great
  • Darin Carson

    No use becoming the Mayor, they don't honor their Foursquare coupon....
  • Amber Kozi

    The movie warning 'Please don't ruin the film by adding your own soundtrack!' applies not only to your cellphone but your MOUTH and your demon spawn's mouths too! Shut up... It's a movie not a bar!
  • Al Mitchell

    Bring ur own liquor
  • Joshua Atkins

    I want to always come here to see a movie.
  • Yuli Alfonso

    Have to see a move with D-Box it's worth the price !
  • Roderick Williams

    The D-Box is amazing you must check it out and the trays are cool too not flimsy ps: you must speak to Mary Jane before you go
  • Katie Ringo

    Skip the nachos. They suck!
  • Jon-Michael Herlth

    "Death At A Funeral" was HILARIOUS-
  • John

    Most impressive movie theater. Love it better than Amc.
  • James McNichol

    Here to see preview of TMNT.
  • Mary Fillman

    Saw Transformers 4 and other movies here. Arcade is fun. Good theater. :)
  • Jo Burdette

    Very comfy...a little chili! Next time I will bring a sweater!
  • Lillie Rodriguez

    D BOX ....Awesome
  • Lawrence Cesarsky

    Best theater in Tampa.
  • Heather

    Great staff! The movie we saw was horrible so they compensated us.
  • Hugo Scavino

    Get the new rewards card at the customer service desk.
  • Talkgregate App

    Chicken nuggets are good but take a while
  • Krista Carroll

    The popcorn is soooo good!!!