AMC West Shore 14

Address: 210 Westshore Plz
Phone: (813) 637-8366
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Category: Movie Theater
Check Ins: 14344


  • Earl Kober

    Say hi to Charlie when you give him your tickets!
  • Chris McAlexander

    Bring $80.00 for snacks!
  • Serena??

    Clash of Titans,was ok movie but not worth seeing in 3-D....
  • Ali Wisher

    mmmm coke and white cherry mixed icees.
  • Sara

    Movie time!
  • Cassie Madden

    Can't get butter to the bottom of your popcorn? Hook a straw to the butter machine... BOOM BUTTER INJECTION!
  • Joicelynne Jackson

    Go to the movies often? Ask a staff member about the AMC's Stubbs card membership that helps YOU save on tickets and at concession stand.
  • Ali Wisher

    photobooth right outside!
  • Carlos Corcho

    Just saw black swan
  • Summer Woodard

    Turn on the ac!
  • Eddy K

    Due Date is hilarious! Worth watching!
  • Jordan Raynor

    After the 10/1 showing of The Social Network, join us at Buddy Brew Coffee on 2020 W Kennedy for a Social Discussion of The Social Network at 9:30 p.m.
  • ray castro

    John carter
  • Moni K

    Worst theatre ever! Staff is rude and slow, the faucet in the bathroom only trickles out, and the popcorn is cold, stale and burnt!
  • Christopher Towner

    Great theater.
  • Moni K

    Remember... No outside food or drink! Oh.. Unless you work there or know the teeny boper ticket takers
  • Whitney Allen

    Avoid this theater if you actually want to see the movie. It's always filled with disrespectful teenagers!
  • Erick T

    Transformers 3D
  • Erick T

    Godzilla in 3D
  • Erick T

    The Amazing Spider Man 2
  • Erick T

    Three Days to kill
  • Tasha Richards

    Do they not clean the theater between movies Ewww
  • Guerda Brutus

    Get here early for good seats
  • Erick T

    Wolverine 3D. Great action
  • Erick T

    Despicable Me 2
  • Erick T

    Pacific Rim 3D
  • Hugo Scavino

    There is a ticket kiosk but unfortunately it is covered by the people held in the line. Weird.
  • Erick T

    Man of Steel 3D
  • Erin Cissel

    Concession lines are ridiculous... All I want is a drink. Missing previews cause of understaffing
  • Erick T

    Iron Man 3 in 3D. A must see!!
  • Dennis M @MrWaves4Days

    Temptations is good! Another Typer Perry banger. If you need advertising or more exposure online for your business check out
  • Jason

    No air conditioning in this place. It's f-ing hot in here. It's the second time here with no ac. It sucks.
  • Adam McGowen

    Be sure to bring your ID because the former agents of the TSA here checked mine 3 times and I'm 22
  • Josue Lopez

    good place to watch movies
  • Tori Gal

    One of my favorite places to go see a movie.
  • Jessica Ortiz

    This theater does not have pretzel bites with cheese.. :(