David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts (Straz Center)

Address: 1010 N W C Macinnes Pl
Phone: (813) 229-7827
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Category: Performing Arts Venue
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    One of the largest performing arts centers in N.America. It offers one of the nation's leading Broadway series and is widely recognized for its grand opera, plays, educational programs and concerts.
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    Listen to 93.3 FLZ on your way home!
  • The Daily Show

    During the 2012 Republican National Convention, The Daily Show broadcasted from this theater. The Best F#@king News Team's coverage included "A Fistful of Awesome." http://on.cc.com/W7VrjJ
  • Aaron Michael Horne

    Check out Jobsite Theatre! They are fantastic!
  • David Jenkins

    Check out a show by Jobsite Theater in the Shimberg Playhouse!
  • It's me

    Beautiful place to grab a drink, dinner and a show on the water. Talk about a lovely venue!
  • Michael Kilgore

    Check out the temporary art exhibit in the lobby of Carol Morsani Hall, modern art on the mezzanine level and sculpture in the main lobby and on the mezz.
  • Barbie Winterbottom

    Parking closer to N. Blvd streetside is free and a short walk to TBPAC.
  • Katie H

    No matter where you are in this place you can see perfectly fine!! Oh yeah, wicked is amazing!
  • Michael Kilgore

    Catch a touring Broadway show, such as "Spring Awakening," "Mary Poppins" or the upcoming "Jersey Boys," "Hair," "Billy Elliot" or "West Side Story."
  • Okie Tilo

    A wonderful venue for shows, plays & concerts... remember to stop at an ATM beforehand for cash if you plan on drinking!
  • Leilani Smith

    Godspell is running from now until May 16th. However, some shows have been cancelled so please check either via the website (www.strazcenter.org) or call the box office (813-229-7827) for dates/times.
  • David Jenkins

    Check out Jobsite Theater in the Shimberg Playhouse, the resident theater company here at the Straz!
  • Sam Payne

    There were way too many unnecessary bad words that kids don't need to be subject to. Also the elves broke character by showing their true size. It really bothered me.
  • Ms. SexyDiva2014

    This place needs ro be bigger
  • Madison Macleod

    There's no place to park. It's hot and smells like ass
  • Leilani Smith

    Cavalia will be officially ending on April 18th. Hurry and get your tickets for the remaining shows. For more details call 813-229-7827 or visit the website at www.strazcenter.org.
  • Michael Kilgore

    Eat a weekend lunch on the river at Maestro's and then catch a show ...
  • CHRIStopher GOOLEY

    Great theatre!!!
  • Michael McGreevy

    The bartenders are now taking credit cards for drink purchases using Square.
  • Carrie Ross

    Beautiful venue! And the incomparable Leonard Cohen was amazing! Multiple encores, great house staff & Maestro's was so convenient. Wonderful experience all around.
  • Michele Freeman

  • Theo Hollerbach

    Of course it was great But maybe he should not talk so much about trash bags full of dead kids and leaves
  • NarniaFans.com

    The stage production of C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters will perform here on Sat. Oct. 27, 2012 at 4pm & 8pm and Sun. Oct. 28, 2012 at 3pm.
  • Richard Cameron

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  • Patty Bowen

    Its all good here seeing Les Miserables
  • Eddie Burch

    Long line for the Jean Valjean but when you gotta go you gotta go
  • Kevin Lane

    Check out some locally produced live theatre at freeFall, American Stage, and others!
  • Chandra

    Saw the Screw Tape Letters
  • am13er

    Come see Mamma Mia July 12-17/2011!
  • Naomi Frierson

    Great venue for a Broadway feel at a local price!
  • Left Turn Photo

    Wonderland opens Jan. 4 and runs through Jan 16th. Whether you watched it last year or are attending for the first time, you will certainly appreciate the beautiful refinements in this new version. Se
  • Sarah Kent

    Join the Cloud Club and get pretty cheap season tickets. Also, park at UT and park for free and walk a short distance.
  • Michael Kilgore

    Subscribe to the Club Jaeb singer-songwriter series on Monday nights. Eight concerts for around $100.
  • Cheryl Paul

    If you need to use the bathroom during intermission, go up to the top floor. There are usually fewer people on that level.
  • Jessica K

    Great facility! Very friendly staff!
  • Eddie V's Prime Seafood

    Jazz, Comedy, Broadway-The Straz Center has it all! We can't wait for the Jazz festival in April!
  • Anjum Perfetti

    Great performance of wicked!!
  • Joe Coffin

    Been to a couple shows here, amazing venue. Volunteers are fantastic. Can't always count on a restroom trip during intermission if the show is sold out!
  • James Simms

    Thanks to Dr. Zena Lansky & Warren Williams for hosting Non-Profit Marketing Workshop II ~ Visit AFP Nature Coast & AFP Suncoast tables!
  • Charles Barnhill

    Event management alot to be desired...starting new lines, essentially letting people cut rather than taking from existing lines.
  • John M.

    Have your tickets delivered to prevent the futile attempt at interacting with the box office staff who are interested only in themselves.
  • Daphne English-Bazenas

    Maestro's on the River is closed due to wind. Plan to eat inside
  • Carl Franconi

    Make sure you valet for large events. It makes life just that much easier.
  • Mo B

    It is Miss Jackson 'cause you're nasty!
  • Daniel Reynolds

    Cash for the kids shows is a necessity.
  • Richard Cameron

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  • Leilani Smith

    Last 2 days of Motherhood. Tickets going fast! Get your tickets for the last 2 performances.
  • Richard Cameron

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  • Richard Cameron

    Support The Straz Theatre