Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Address: 5223 Orient Rd.
Phone: (813) 627-7625
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Category: Casino
Check Ins: 44421


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    Enjoy gaming, dining, entertainment and the hotel. Make sure you also check out the new Hard Rock Cafe, and be sure to pick up a copy of the 2012 Seminole Hard Rock Calendar Girls!
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  • Amorous G

  • Kaitlyn

    I won .52 cents.. Bankin!
  • CJ Wright

    No free drinks while you gamble, but the poker room is the best you can find in the Tampa Bay area. Floyd's Nightclub is in the casino & rated one of the best clubs in town. Drop in & live it up!
  • Brittany McKittrick

    Tip your server for God's sake. They only make $3.13/hr. Indians are cheap...
  • Eli Brooke

    Ask people how they feel
  • Brittany Conner

    What casino doesn't give you free drinks while you gamble?? Hard Rock! Still a great casino though... The gold fish slot machine is way too fun.
  • Mary Beth Constante

    Give your money to the Seminole Tribe!
  • Amanda Fox

    For a free drink, come see Casino Host Amanda Fox! Mention this tip! -offer can only be redeemed once-
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Order a few drinks at the center bar. We call it The KISS Bar. It's the perfect place to Rock & Roll All Night and Party Every Day!!!
  • TIME

    Nat King Cole, the renowned jazz pianist and singer, addressed the 1956 Republican National Convention in San Francisco. #GOP2012
  • SuperC

    Get a room here. Jacuzzis are awesome!
  • Christopher Matthews

    Cash out!
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    Watch your footing in parking lots
  • mark ferguson

    just finished enjoying the SoundGarden now w/friends in the Green Room having a bite to eat before going to our next adventure....omg...i will never do shots again lol :)
  • Autumn

    If being robbed is on your Tampa to-do list, be sure to visit here @ 4am on a Saturday!!!
  • Kevin Stump

    the female bartenders are hot!!!
  • Andrew Patterson

    council oak. amazing. best 500 for 4 people we spent. scallops, crab bisque , steak tartar, baked marrow , 24oz bone-in ribeye , plus more. a fat mans dream.
  • David Bailey

    Don't be mad at the staff when you loose your money!!!
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

    Great place for people watching.. lol.
  • Tom Deryckere

    Council oak steaks are great.
  • Nick Janovsky

    Play $1 slots and MAX bet everything! Let's be honest, a few hundred won't change anyone's life but $76,000 will! :-)
  • Jeffrey

    Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and feast on the Cuban Legendary Burger. It's amazingness wrapped in a bun.
  • Jenn

    Awesome hotel - need to stay there when you visit the Tampa Bay area!
  • Adam Haskin

    If Justin Rhodes is playing in the bar with the fire on the wall, he's worth your time. Take a break if you're losing, have a beer, and listen to some great music from a great musician.
  • Katrina Eireen McGuire

    Meeting my Serbian boys to gamble!
  • Vince Patel

    Vince P. was here!
  • Autty Hill

    Go to Rock n Raw and go HAM on a "beautiful girl" sushi roll .....DELISH!
  • Richard T.

    Note to self...starting a petition to "bring your own chair" policy. I hate sitting in seats after people..
  • Jasmine Montpetit

    Best Hamburgers i've had in a long time.
  • Kim Randall

    Extremely smoky
  • Ms.T??

    Great live concerts on saturdays!
  • Brittany McKittrick

    Oh, servers also pay taxes on all alcohol whether you're there when she gets back or not so sit still!!
  • Gannon Engelken

    Play the amazing race! The more people that play, and the more they bet, the higher the payout!
  • Mandy Pusatera

    Buffalo shrimp poolside were great! Nachos could be missed...
  • Olan Kidd

    You win some, you lose some. Know when to walk away. Slots are VERY tight here.
  • Ila Desch

    If your a female I wouldn't try to get a drink from these cocktail waitresses they are rude try to come on to your man and have u thrown out shanks
  • Ila Desch

    Don't go early evening or daytime they are crowded and the elders get Vicious after wetting there depends :)
  • Amanda Dennison

    Absolutely the worst casino ever! If you are or appear to be under the age of 30 be prepared to be carded by thee entire staff!! Rude as fuck and annoying ! Completely ruined my casino experience!!
  • Gary Meiman

    Get boozed and we'll go :-p
  • Mary Beth Constante

    The sushi here is mediocre at best.
  • Ron W.

    Wow they have expanded this place since l was last here, now if they can band the smoking in here
  • Angela Hayer

    need a bar that open after hours check out the whammy bar
  • Jacqui

    Blackjack rocks
  • Jason Neifa

    2 cent slingo in the back room is the way to go.
  • Ashley A

    Someone just bought me a beer at the center bar but the bartender wouldn't tell me who....reveal yourself!!!!
  • Sue Peters

    Too darn cold in there. I don't think freezing us kind at all. Wear a coat.

  • Jess Merritt

    They say "We no have no craps, no roulette and no free drinks. We have everything else though". I say give me free firewater and dice games or don't call this a casino!
  • Jon Strubel

    Play hard!
  • Ron Thomas

    Hard to find a blackjack table at less than $15 a hand
  • Cory Nagel

    Good BLT in the green room !
  • Cosmic 2E

    The breakfast is whack, the orange juice is superb tho!
  • Judah Richardson

    Women of questionable repute hanging around the bar
  • Camden Lynn

    September 29th after hours DJ Camo will be shutting it down.
  • ke-kee

    If you like old school music come on a Friday night. Not a gambler but I do play the slots. Most places get you free drinks when you gamble but not here, you can expect to pay!
  • Rob Voege

    You have to try Rise Kitchen & Bakery, the food is awesome!
  • Polette Besa

    The asian food is horrible!
  • Stephen Victor

    The Green Room has a new deli coming.
  • James Alexander

    Come prepared ! :)
  • Jeffrey Haddock

    Take my cab i speak american white
  • Derek McDermott

    Went to Valet Parking because I thought it'd be quicker than parking myself. I was wrong.
  • Michele Whaley

    Check out the new penny slot room by the food court!
  • Leslie Merryman

    Rock n raw sushi is the bomb. Have the number 1 combo.
  • Laura W

    Of all the casinos I've been to, this one is consistently the worst (tight, tight, TIGHT machines)
  • Richard Francis

    Congrats on the $7,000.00 cash win kiddo
  • Eric Salsburg

    Never work for these people. If you end up out for medical reasons you will get fired.
  • Raul Juarez

    I've never won anything here. EVER...but always a great time!
  • Victoria Capezza

    Nobody less than 50 years old present in the entire casino at 10:45 a.m. on a Wednesday.
  • Lauren Axelrod

    Had a kick butt time at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Won $300 and ate free a Fresh Harvest!
  • James Coniglio

    They suck they did away with all you can eat Snow Crabs
  • Christian Saville

    Get the frozen patron shots for 4 dollars during hh
  • Kim Godin

    Food looks good but white hair galore
  • BHR

    Degeneracy at its best!
  • Kevin B

    Why does it take a hour to get seated and another hour to get my food?
  • Luke Sokolewicz

    don't gamble.
  • Jazz Stixx

    Wolf Run is HOT!!
  • Zee Jackson

    No free drinks, no crap tables, but they had a promotion for new players and I got 70.00 to play with. Didn't have to use my money at all!!!
  • Sylvia Wilson

    Keep losing machine are rigged up where only the casino win. Like vampires they will such your last. Tampa gotta offer something else.
  • Mario Tang

    Native American Casino gamblers paradise
  • Nanette Leon

    Having a great time with my mom, sister and daughter.
  • Buzz Goodrich

    What a GREAT place to hole up for a couple hours during a torrential downpour!! :-)
  • Robert Hogan

    Fun times at the casino
  • Susan Loncaric

    Everything is great.
  • Lisa K Shockley

    Losing money lol...
  • Chris S

    Nothing but the suite room was the best 2 room jacuzzi tub very exclusive but the gaming is terrible a lot of losers at table games it's not regulated.
  • Sasha Ahles

    Super fun! Had a great time with the ladies!
  • Hitesh Mulani

    Testing my luck
  • Amanda

    I'm always lucky & I'm OBVIOUSLY WINNING! :)
  • Tony Greene

    Bring lots of CASH
  • Keith L

    If you love seeing retirees with broken faces cuz they just gambled their retirement away, this is the place for you.
  • Kathy Weyand

    Don't valet park. They will lose your car . And charge you for parking it. And it took 1 hr. To get car
  • Nathan Buda

    Not an Indian resort. Valet is $6. No public access soda. Very few $.01 machines. Seems to pay out well though...
  • Laura Maes

    Fun Fun Fun !!!
  • Jess Merritt

    Donate some money to the indians!
  • Ginny Morton

    Nice place good drinks came out a winner.
  • Harlene Magruder

    Save your $$, I lost mine and some of Bill's!!
  • Chris Pearl

    How about you people that work there stfu and get back to work. No one wants a calendar and you better believe I'm stiffing you now.
  • Rose Hawk

    Gambling period.
  • Liz Kennedy Beatty

    Steak house is great but very expensive.
  • Fabi J

    Where I double my money!!!!! Love this place. It kills my boredom.
  • Fabi J

    Just saw Kendra Wilkinson!!!!!!
  • Paula Richardson-seals

    Be careful. It will take all your money!
  • Francine Gipson

    Fresh Harvest is the truth! !
  • Francine Gipson

    The Ladybug game
  • Alexis Bader

    Strict on ID's on the weekends!
  • Jimmy Feely

    FYI alcohol is NOT free when you play! However, soda and juice is free!
  • Brenda Haneline

    Freakin awesome buffet!!!!!!
  • Andrea Morales

    Keep an eye on your stuff! You might get to drunk and lose your ID!
  • Debby Patrick

    Yeah! Was down $60.00 then won $53.21...Was a good night!
  • Tim Beehler

    Sherwin is a DICK!!!!!
  • Janine Lee

    DO NOT play roulette - it's just a rip-off!!! You're better off buying some scratch-offs!!!
  • Andrew Patterson

    running average for earnings and losses is about dead even. play casino war or 21 for best chance of winning
  • Tall Guy

    Bring new bills lots of them use CC a real pain to much of it
  • Justin Thomason

    Do not go to play blackjack. Every rule they can implement to give them an edge the did. Blackjack pays 6-5, no double after spilt, no re-splitting, only double on 9,10,11, just to name a few...
  • Rock Hard Magazine

    Always crowded, great place to meet new people
  • Joicelynne Jackson

    They need to work on their customer service.
  • Joicelynne Jackson

    I wish they were better at giving directions to someone whose never been there before. I walked up to 3 different counter people about one location and was pointed in 3 different directions.
  • Andrew

    Drinks are way cheaper at the hotel bar
  • chucker

    New parking garage is a mess
  • Amanda Stapleton

    Video poker at the Center Bar!!
  • Mark Ybor

    If u do not have money u can loose stay the fuck home!!!!
  • Nicole Cozma

    Bartenders have to pay a tax on the alcohol they pour for you. So don't be THAT guy and stiff them on a tip. Okay? Okay.
  • Tisha Borajkiewicz

    Yeah...we live on tips!
  • Maya Newton

    It's Super duper cold EVERYWHERE so be prepared!
  • Tierra Owens

    Dnt come broke n dnt walk out empty handed
  • Quint Sanders

    I enjoyed this place to much smoking tho. Being a artist it's bad for my lungs. Hope to do a show here one day. R&B
  • Taryn A

    $5 blackjack tables from Noon-7pm!
  • Rob tilt215

    Slowest and worst valet service ever... I can't believe they charge people to wait a half hour for their cars.
  • April Smith

    Went to the cafe. Probably the worst one I've been to in terms of food. They also played music that didn't really belong with the theme. The atmosphere was nice though.
  • maria R.

    Fresh Harvest
  • J Kleen

    Stay Kleen 8-D
  • Diane Piscopo

    The buffet is great...especially the oysters!
  • Leland Labuguen

    Nice Hotel, But its a smoking Casino
  • Kat Marie

    Be careful when booking rooms, they are sheisty.
  • Fred G Lowe

    Get drunk before you come. Bud lights cost $4.75 on weekends.
  • John Lewis

    They hiring! Just had an interview!
  • Lizz H. ??

    Don't valet park on a weekend night. Takes FOREVER to get your car back and you wait outside for it :(
  • Robert Bryant

    New Hard Rock Cafe nice. Good atmosphere. You can vote on the music video's playing and at 10 Pm they have live bands playing.
  • Justin B

    Play $1/$3 no limit texas hold 'em poker
  • Alberto Baalbaki

    Great Time! Do the lunch buffet late and get dinner Crab legs. $15 with your HR card.
  • Sarah Ritch

    Make sure you've read the "book" when playing BlackJack!
  • Damon H.

    Rock out w your chips out!
  • Robin String

    Hard Rock Cafe is the best; Green Room is the worst!
  • Brian Klein

    The hard rock cafe (in the hotel) is awesome. Great vibe. Great food. Great drinks!
  • David Vaux

    Full of old heads and horrible table games. Not fun.
  • D Hamilton ?F?

    Come watch all the Senior Citizens blowing their kids inheritance.
  • Jerry Clemens

    won 250 on war
  • Luke Sokolewicz

    Everything is permissible for me"óbut not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible for me"óbut I will not be mastered by anything. (1 Corinthians 6:12, NIV)
  • Angela Bitetto

    Fun times!
  • Stephanie Vandertholen

    Green Room service is consistently HORRIBLE. EVERY time I've been there.
  • Justin Daug herty

    no free drinks for the low-lifes. on the other hand high rollers get drinks comp'd all night....! owww
  • Denot Duta

    the bigest and the most cozy hard rock hotel that i've ever came.
  • Ran "Yodo Aw-som" @rannyran

    One of my favorite bartenders works here... check her out
  • Mike Annable

    poker room is great..just have to get used to the "I'm god" attitude the staff gives you when you sign up for a seat. Other than that, the dealers are great
  • Eugene Auh

    How is 100 max buyin at a 2-4 nl game fun? Food is terrible, but that is typical of any establshment that can get away with mediocre service or food due to monopoly status