AMC Veterans 24

Address: 9302 Anderson Rd
Phone: (813) 243-4881
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Category: Movie Theater
Check Ins: 21547


  • Sam Vafadar

    Might as well get candy and soda from the nearby 7-11 for way cheaper.
  • Ryan Frazier

    It's the best movie theater in Tampa Bay.
  • Daylina Miller

    Use the ticket machine outside if you're paying with a card. There's never a line.
  • Pete Baker

    If you have a disabled family member and hate sitting in the front rows, four of their theaters have a second floor entrance accessible by elevator. 10,11,IMAX, and 13. PRICELESS!
  • Eric Salsburg

    AMC is now not letting you bring in a Starbucks coffee since they have their own version. just a FYI for everyone
  • T@!rA Fontanez

    Morning movies are $6 and this place is always clean
  • Robbie Claus

    Save $$ bring your own snax and drinks
  • manny lontok

    Don't wait in line go inside and use the terminal can also order your children ticketz :-)
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Buy your tickets online in advance. Showings do sell out at this theatre.
  • Jennifer Schneider

    Tickets are $10 now... FYI. Stop by the gas station and get a drink and snack to bring in.
  • Emilio C

    Best movie theater in Tampa.
  • Tina Marie Luckey O'Brien

    Dont be white trash losers and sneak into theaters for movies you haven't paid for.
  • Lauren Reeves

    See your movie in the IMAX theater!
  • ATM PiN0Y

    Save the 3D glasses from a previous 3d movie. Buy a non 3D version of your movie to save extra $3 and casually walk in to the 3D movie. *Bonus: watch two movies the same day.
  • Jaquaida

    The food stand is getting to expensive. Eat before you go and they used to give you 3D glasses in small bags not anymore.:( Go to the movies during the week less crowded and less money.
  • Andrew Colombani

    They have a bar now!
  • Cheryl Woolsey

    They now have a bar instead of a game room...great idea
  • Gina Webb

    Went to see change up for free and ended up paying to see cowboys and aliens. It was really good
  • Nicole Spence

    The management is horrible!
  • Takara F

    Freddy baby!
  • Terika S

    Trying this out cuzo
  • Yurika Wheeler

    The Stubs card is worth it, this location has a full bar, and I've always had a great experience with the staff.
  • London Frost

    I love this Theater!!
  • Kim Godin

    Go to the early movies 6.50$
  • Leary Baptiste

    This has always been a fabulous theatre!!!!
  • Annis Brown Foster

    Get your stubs card! No out of pocket expense! Balling!
  • Joe Graham

    Don't bother to eat anything here. The pretzels are horrible. How do you mess up a pretzel? You're better up saving your appetite and eating at one of the restaurants nearby.
  • Jasmine Reid-Chacon

    Mission impossible =]
  • Ben LaMothe

    They have very nice seating.
  • David

    Great theater for both IMAX (2D and 3D) and Sony Real 3D film versions.
  • Taryn Spence

    Watch the Help good movie!!!
  • Tracy

    Great theater, west side of Tampa, stand alone facility. Does NOT offer the $5 tickets Mon-Thurs as most AMC theaters do- a bit far to drive for a $10+ ticket
  • Zach Zepp

    Great venue; reasonable prices and big theatres. A bonus is the food here is great.
  • Megan Wade

    Sign up for their text program "242424". I just paid $1 for a large soda!
  • Yvonne Guibert

    This is our favorite movie theater!! Avoid long lines at the ticket window and use the ticket kiosks.
  • Senaf Dillon-Pickhardt

    like going to this movie theater
  • J. Baker

    Need to either train their security personnel better when it comes to technology or get new security personnel, because they aren't helping the movie theaters case or business.
  • Jessica Sweazea

    Get here early if your watching a first time show
  • Skylar Brijbag

    Watch The Hunger Games. One of the beat movies I've ever seen!
  • Amber Kozi

    The mozz-sticks alone are worth a visit! XD
  • Mike Runestad

    Coffee drinks take forever.
  • Chris Kubisiak

    Full bar now!
  • Erick T

    Edge of Tomorrow
  • Pete Cabrera

    There's good snacks and some good drinks for adults. Kool place , nice folks
  • Erick T

    Capt America in IMAX
  • Jaquaida

    The employees needs to be more aware of helping the disabled. I had to ask this employees twice to help us and he thought we needed a carrying box. Stop chit chatting and help your guest!
  • Erick T

    Monument Men, a very good movie
  • Julian Webb

    Wow. They serve alcohol here. Id sneak it in still.
  • Erick T

    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 3D (PG-13)
  • Valentina Quiles Manhoo

    Dollar store is near the Publix on Anderson and Gunn save on snacks
  • Tanya Delaney

    The bar makes any kid's movie very tolerable. Buy 2 drinks tho, they're small
  • Carmen Negron

    For the price of the ticket and food, you might as well watch another movie. Great theater, but a bit pricey.
  • Mike L

    New! Full service bar
  • Yvonne Guibert

    My family's favorite place to see movies!
  • Dan

    They have a BAR!!!
  • Ms. SexyDiva2014

    Food is expensive..geesh
  • Pete Baker

    They gutted the arcade to put in a full service liquor bar.
  • Morgana Vaccaro

  • Aaron L

    Will be showing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in HFR 3D!
  • am13er

    Surprsingly their carmel ice coffee is almost good as a Starbucks frapp.
  • Morgana Vaccaro

    The white cherry ICEE is worth the $6.
  • Shanna Michael

    Sit at the top. Best view :)
  • Arnel B

    They surprisingly have pretty good Specialty Coffee Drinks!