Raymond James Stadium

Address: 4201 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Phone: (813) 350-6500
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  • Sports Authority

    Check out the authentic replica of a 19th century pirate ship, complete with cannons and a talking animatronic parrot!
  • Visit Tampa Bay

    Raymond James Stadium is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the University of South Florida Bulls. The stadium also hosts the Outback Bowl, concerts, soccer events and monster truck shows.
  • ESPN

    Yarr, pay attention to the canons on the pirate ship after the Bucs score, matey. The number of shots coordinates with the number of points the team puts up in a drive.
  • ESPN

    This ain't just the home of the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Bulls of South Florida play their home games at Raymond James Stadium too. More football = winning.
  • USF Athletics

    Raymond James is an amazing facility to call home. Check-out all the unique features around the stadium, like the Pirate Ship beyond the north end zone and don’t forget to check-in there, too!
  • HART

    HART West Tampa Transfer Center (WTTC), across from Ray Jay, is inaccessible during Tampa Bay Bucs & (USF) Bulls home games. All routes serving WTTC will be re-routed to St. Isabel St. & MacDill Ave.
  • 93.3 FLZ

    After the Bucs win, celebrate with 93.3 FLZ on the radio!
  • Raymond James Stadium

    Great win by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday! Now onto the ATL Falcons! For tix, go to http://bit.ly/T3pIjO
  • TBOcom

    Check out the fields, locker room, luxury suites and the pirate ship during a fun and affordable behind-the-scenes stadium tour. (The Short List: Top 5 places for family fun on a budget.)
  • TIME

    Members of the NFL Players Association have consistently rated Raymond James Stadium’s field as the best in the league, while league insiders refer to the stadium as the “crown jewel” of the NFL.
  • USF Athletics

    We. Have. The. BEST. Student. Section. In. The. Big. East. Case closed.
  • Sunny Dunn

    Football stadium for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & USF Bulls as well as concerts/events.
  • christina perri.

    recommended by shawna as her favorite place in tampa
  • USF Athletics

    The Pirate Ship is one of the most recognizable stadium features in the world. It took two months to build and weighs a staggering 43 tons…that’s 274 Sampson Genuses!
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    God Bless #63 & his Family. Leeroy Selmon
  • USF Athletics

    Great tailgating is a staple at USF games, but if your kids need some more room and activities to keep them busy before kick-off, stop by the Bulls Zone just south of the stadium.
  • MrRada

    Make sure you buy souvenir cup for endless refills during game.
  • Bob Buckhorn

    Catch a Tampa Bay Buccaneers or a USF Bulls game in a world-class stadium that has twice hosted the Super Bowl. You’ll love hearing the pirate ship’s cannon boom after a touchdown.
  • USF Athletics

    Sweet, I see you made your way to one of the craziest spots on game day! USF Student Government does an awesome job of making this an entertaining area for students. Get hyped, it’s almost game time!
  • Ryan Frazier

    70+ people checked in during a PRESEASON game! Get your swarm badge here for sure.
  • Raymond James Stadium

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers first home game will be here at Ray Jay on Thursday, August 18. If your coming to the game, make sure to check in with us to show your support for Bucs.
  • National Football Post.com

    The Ray Jay is famous for its pirate ship, but the large public plaza at the opposite end zone is a great place to mingle, drink, and enjoy the game. Hungry fans should try a Cuban from the Crow’s Nes
  • USF Athletics

    Well ok, big baller! How’s that comfy chair feel? Could you be a good sport and pass the popcorn? Be sure to open the windows and get the feel of an amped-up college football game.
  • Angel Hana A.

    It was the moment I'd been waiting for. 'Carolina Panthers badge'!! lol
  • Tampa Hospitality

    Goooo Bucs!
  • PIZZASRQ.COM JohnTatum

    Put it down like a clown!!
  • Rebecca Moore

    We are tailgating for every Bucs game at the corner of Himes and Braddock. Come party with us...the girls of 2001 Odyssey. :)
  • K Voorhees

    USF athletics... Lol.
  • Andrea B

    The luxury suites are the perfect way to watch the games! Go Bucs!
  • Clemson Tom

    Saw a tip here that said USF Football royalty. That's a complete joke, just like USF Football. USF is far from Royalty, win a championship! You can't even win the Big East !
  • Marilyn at Forkful.net

    Fifty-yard line seats are choice!
  • Takara F

    Hey Bucs Fans!!! Go Bucs!
  • Jillian Fiorentino

    1st football game :)
  • Helene

    The bushes are good :€
  • H@S@N (S.T.A.R.S)

    hello all people
  • LynnMarie

    Bucs Season....bring it on, Whoot Whoot!!
  • Mike McCormick

    Have the Bananas foster at halftime, It's worth the wait in line
  • Coach of the Year

    The Bulls share this stadium with the NFL’s Buccaneers, but they hold the record here for the largest football crowd (not including the Super Bowl).
  • Jim Dietrich

    Now that you're here, check out StadiumJourney.com's review of Raymond James Stadium and see if you agree with their assessment! http://bit.ly/aS5l9K
  • Joe Murphy

    Love the end zone seats!
  • Porter House

    Attend a Bucs game sitting directly in front of the pirate ship. You cant beat it!
  • Suzanne Perry

    Lot D is the closest parking for the end zone opposite the pirate ship!
  • Raymond James Stadium

    Thinking about the wknd already? We've got @CBSTampaBay's Whatever Women Want expo here on Sat. For more info, go to http://bit.ly/StPBH8
  • 30 Lines

    This year's Outback Bowl matches the Michigan State Spartans and the Georgia Bulldogs. Gates open at 11:30 am, and kickoff is set for 1 pm. Use #OutbackBowl to share your experience on Twitter.
  • Chris McAlexander

    Try the $7.50 beer!
  • Economic Freedom

    Which is more destructive, your defensive line or less economic freedom? Economic freedom is a driving force behind why some societies thrive while others do not.
  • Sport Tours Professionals

    Raymond James Stadium is home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the University of South Florida Bulls. The stadium also hosts the Outback Bowl.
  • Jen Savino

    Buy any ticket and hang out by pirate ship or miller lite deck!
  • Larry Meadows

    Get your collector pin!
  • Roger Fonner

    Go Bucs!! Go Bulls!!
  • Chris Tocco

    check out the band at gate A...Betty's Not a Vitamin
  • Roland Murphy

    Get the turkey leg. They are huge and delicious. There are like 4 different BBQ sauces. Try citrus. Only problem. They will not give you an extra small paper plate. So there will be BBQ everywhere.
  • Alexis Martin

    S-O-U-T-H-F-L-O-R-I-D-A South Florida, South Florida, Goooooo Bullllllllsssss!!!!!!!!!
  • Ryan Adamchak

    Are the sundolls virgins?
  • USF Athletics

    Whoa, did you talk your way up here or are you a credentialed media member? Either way, this is a sweet view and you gotta love the air conditioning!
  • Tiffany R

    Say Hi to Tiff & John - they sit under the skull of the ship.
  • Lee Barley

    Don't give up the Booty unless you want to!
  • Kristin Pulse

    Go dolphins whine I'm at Raymond James stadium but go New York giants tonight!!
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  • Experience

    Buy Seat and Experiential Upgrades right from your phone at your next Tampa Bay Buccaneers game! https://bucs.expapp.com
  • Megan Schmitt

    Please get credit machines for parking!!
  • PIZZASRQ.COM JohnTatum

    preseason game 2013. Got cheesesteak section 213. HORRIBLE. Stale bread , little meat & very dry $8. Make sure to eat before the game !!!!! #pizzasrq @ pizzasrq. #badfood. #itsabucslife
  • Hula Doll

    GO BUCS!!!!
  • Visit St. Pete / Clearwater

    Go Bucs! Nothing says Bucs pride more than a pirate ship. Check in with a photo of the ship and tag #WhereSummerRocks.
  • Victor Hagenbucher

    Tours are Monday - Wednesday at 2pm!
  • Jamie Meade

    Sonuva Digger ruled tonight!
  • JON ?? Pertile

    Cornhole Company BagBoards.net
  • Kevin Rowe

    Need an Outback here like every other Tampa Bay Stadium.
  • Jim REsq

    Be prepared for super-loud touchdown celebration!
  • Caitlin Heismann

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!
  • ??Five O'Clock Somewhere

    2012 $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational
  • USF Athletics

    Welcome to the 2012 USF Football Spring Game! Visit the Ticket Information table located on the concourse to start the #USFSpringGame Social Media Scavenger Hunt!
  • Miguel Piquer Suria

    Monster trucks!!!!!!
  • Angela Angel

    Wear sunscreen!
  • Jordi Prat

    stadium tour!! Super cool!!!
  • Eddie Lopez

    While your here check out some hot mixes by DJ Eddie-Lo at www.mixcrate.com/djeddielo. The DJ is in da house!
  • Jourdan Frese

    Best parking prices behind the stadium on S Himes. Only a 2-3 block walk from there.
  • Jason M. Olson

    Try Lambeau field, this place sucks!
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Wash those Walking Nachos down with an over priced beer. What did you expect? Enjoy the show.
  • Jon Robinson

    Bring sunscreen. Hotter than the sun here.
  • jim redmile

    50% off food and non- alcoholic drinks, but no vendors. You'd think they never had a game here the lines are so long and service so slow. This must be why they never marketed the reduced prices.
  • Brandt Merritt

    Get a club seat close to the doors. A/C feels great when they open!
  • Mike Harris

    Everything's all good I'm alive!
  • Chad Elliott

    Nobody likes a cheater, Sharon.
  • Raymond James Stadium

    Night Practice is here at the stadium on Saturday, August 6 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. It's free and open to the public and will include a performance by the Buccaneers Cheerleaders, team introductions,
  • Raymond James Stadium

    Come for a behind the scenes tour of Raymond James Stadium. We offer walk-up tours every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00 p.m. To verify date and to get more information, visit our website!
  • Mary Striby

    Cheer on the Herd of Thunder, USF's marching band!
  • TJ Riordan

    Undercover cops using silver impalas, big black trucks and old green jeep cherokees to jump put and ID people.
  • David Verbruggen

    Almost time for football
  • Mario Tang

    Home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beautiful stadium with a pirate ship
  • Sara Sturgess

    ONE DIRECTION AND 5SOS CONCERT!!! ???????????? #soexcited #soready #lovethem #RayJay
  • Heidi Flexer

    One direction
  • Joe A ??

    Time for some football
  • Todd Wickner

    The concession food on the club level leaves a lot to be desired. On the home opener I had a cheeseburger which must have been cooked three hours before it was served. Improvement is greatly needed.
  • Joe Ebanks

    The game and beer
  • Nancy??????

    The TB Buccaneers! Football
  • Debbie Rich Alipaz

    Go USF Bulls
  • John Mann

    Private groups can rent the Pirate ship for the day (north endzone). No team store and no game programs. If you need help deciding which Seats to purchase for your next Buccaneers game, check out
  • Liz Lee

    Go Bulls!! Love the green and gold ?? #beatwcu !! :)
  • Luke Theede

    #BEATWCU having a good time!
  • Tiffany Dick

    Usf bulls #BeatWCU
  • Joe Murphy

    #beatwcu. Seriously.
  • John Lake

    Beat WFCU!!!
  • Mackenzie Meola

    #beatWCU #gobulls
  • Carol Vergara-Ahquin

    Buccaneer Football!!!!
  • Donna Myers

    Let's Go BUCS
  • John Shivers

    Doin a Bucs game...
  • Richard Tomlin

    Come on Bucs
  • Jillian Fiorentino

    Spartan race will be here in Feb! Use this link for 15% off! http://share.spartanrace.com/x/FY8aM code SPRINT15 ! Facebook.com/areyoumudcrazy
  • Tom Ehret

    Beautiful stadium always fun the pirate ship is awesome
  • Jennifer Rendahl

  • Jillian Fiorentino

    Get ready for the Spartanrace coming to the stadium feb15th! Use this link and code JT15 to save!! http://share.spartanrace.com/x/FY8aM ;) if you like MUDRUNS check out Facebook.com/areyoumudcrazy
  • Jennifer Rendahl

  • Jason

    This game is so one-sided that it should have a brazzers logo on the lower right side of the screen.
  • Tammy Carr

    Love it go bucs
  • Steve Watkins

    Sitting next to blob sucks. Need a weight limit for seats.
  • Jennifer Rendahl

    Beat cinci
  • john last

    Go redskins woot woot
  • Stadium Journey

    The Bucs received 3.4 out of 5 in our review of the stadium experience
  • Camille DeRamo

    Drink beer
  • Kammi Sloman

    loved it when I was there!
  • Stephanie Davito

    Kenny Chesney concert!!!!!
  • Jose E.

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!
  • Jim Lynch

    Get the bottomless refillable souvenir cup, it's refillable, bigger, and a souvenir too for just a few bucks more...
  • Reggie A. Gamble

    Make sure you are prepared and alert when the cannon goes off!
  • hangkim

    Great match in here
  • Joshua Lobdell

    is on my list of stadiums to visit
  • aldila hasanbasri

    Hai..pa kabar?
  • Daniel Rivera

    Was here last year when we played USF in that 6-3 stinker of a game.
  • Aaron Hurlburt

    We had a great time at TBBJ event
  • Steven Zimmerman

    oddly, I've never been to a Bucs home game, though I was on the field with our @Pop_Warner @W_PascoProwlers Football Team
  • Julio Lucas

    Car pounding time!
  • Cesar Ramos

    Run by Tito's hot dogs, they are good and cheap!
  • Mark Delgado

    Go Cowboys
  • SportsDorm.com

    let's go Bucs! Check out SportsDorm.com for Bucs merchandise.
  • Cesar Ramos

    Run by tito's hot dogs just outside of the stadium for a nathen's all beef hotdog. Only $3!!!!
  • Richard Rawald

    Cheerleaders beer n football. Goodyimes I think so. Go Bucs!!!!!!
  • Richard Rawald

    Ait in the front Cheerleaders beer n football. Goodtimes I think so. Go Bucs!!!!!!
  • Liane

    Root for the Miami Dolphins!
  • Jared Smith

    during TV timeouts - www.TooGoodForRadio.com - download the newest rap, indie, house music
  • Claudia Flores-Grisales

    I attend a Florida Orchestra concert and not a football game...lol
  • Raymond James Stadium

    Get your tickets to the 2011 Gold Cup at Raymond James Stadium this Saturday, June 11! Canada vs. Guadeloupe at 6 p.m. and USA vs. PANAMA at 8 p.m. Visit www.ticketmaster.com to get your tickets.
  • Irvin Lee

    Check out the Vitamin Water tent @ Clean City Day!
  • Erin Smith Russell

    Add cotton candy to your vodka drink.fir real
  • Dennis Carter

    There is lots of parking on the sides streets of Hilmes. Its about the same distance and is much cheaper!
  • Christopher DeBoard

    Go Bulls. GO HOT!
  • Alexis Martin

    you can't see me...I'm wearing camouflage ; )
  • Alexis Martin

    bring a tailgate tent, it's hotter than Haites
  • Rhys Morgan

    Are the sun dolls girls virgins??
  • kris herman

    Brighthouse picnic