Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Address: 4100 George J Bean Pkwy
Phone: (813) 870-8700
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  • Mashable

    Free wi-fi here across the airport. Nice!
  • Aj Salapuddin

    1 hour in Short Term Parking is free
  • Serge

    Free internet available!
  • James Ferreira

    Best airport I've ever been to.. and I've seen quite a few.
  • HART

    Tampa International Airport Transportation: HART Route 30 runs 15 min. weekday service to Downtown Tampa, all for only $1.75 one-way. Hands down, the best transportation deal to/from the airport.
  • Ryan K Morris

    Visit the top floor of TPA parking garage. Morning/evening are the best due to the rising/setting sun. Free access to the garage for first hour. Stunning views of the bay, Tampa, and runways!
  • D

    Best place for parking is Level 7 ! Promise you.
  • Chip Mahaney

    Best laid-out major airport in the US. Short walks to gates. Rental car facility on site. Nice shopping & food choices outside and inside secure area.
  • Brittany Kujawa

    The free wifi is glorious! All other airlines need to take a lesson from TPA. Free wifi=happy, relaxed travelers.
  • Adam Lasnik

    Free wifi. Also free business center next to gate e75.
  • Jordan Raynor

    Welcome to the greatest airport! Enjoy.
  • Scott Rienbeck

    Skip the lines at the main airline counter by using curb side bag check. They'll get your bags checked and get you your boarding pass.
  • Autumn

    If you are flying from Continental/United, jetBlue, or airtran... be sure to stop by Jose Cuervo Tequileria and enjoy some hot, delicious Mexican cuisine and some cold, sweet margaritas! :)
  • Theresa Collington

    Long term parking is easy peasy. Grab the little ticket thingy by the elevator and stuff in your bag to remember where you parked.
  • Carrie Meade

    Park in short term for a hour and watch the planes land and take off
  • Inessa Miller

    Get some drinks it will make the time fly bye and the flight more enjoyable.
  • Cody Howard

    Beware of the ham egg and cheese breakfast wraps at Flatbreadz. They're essentially awful.
  • Richard Searcey

    Short term parking is free if you're in and out in less than an hour. Check flight status online and time it right =)
  • Marcela

    Free wi-fi, outlets everywhere. Great mid-sized airport.
  • Bob Buckhorn

    Welcome to Tampa, Florida! While you're exploring the city, you will find great tips from our foursquare mayors. But if you want tips from the Mayor of Tampa, be sure to follow along.
  • ?Beach Drive Inn?

    Still one of the easiest airports to get around in the country. Short term parking of less than 1 hour is still free.
  • Eric Andersen

    Check out the bronze ducks above the escalators!
  • Ryan

    Safe travels, friends!
  • Minderella

    Most pleasant full body pat down ever!
  • Chelsea Wenz

    Don't eat at quizno's.
  • Madison Macleod

    The cell phone lot is genius. This is such an easy airport to get around.
  • Kevin Lilly

    If you need to catch a nap pre-flight... Head to the back of the Marriot, behind the Cafe Elise... Near the Grand Ballroom... Awesome couches and not a soul in sight :)
  • kumi monster

    One of the nicest airports I've been to in the US. Simple, and easy to get around, free WiFi & smoking areas before & after security (at least for airside C)!
  • George McGowan

    If you can spare a few dollars, check your bags with a skycap.
  • Vadim Lavrusik

    Free wife! More airports should offer this to keep folks patient and happy while traveling.
  • Loren

    Free wi-fi and bathrooms at the cell phone lot. Great if you're picking up someone from a delayed flight and might blow the free hour at short-term parking.
  • Jason

    TSA has now banned tweezers... I think anybody who can hijack an airplane with tweezers deserves the airplane.
  • Jeff McCloskey

    Take a cell phone pic of the level and row in the garage to make finding your car easy when you return.
  • Rex Hammock

    From horizontal transport strategies to free wifi to security check-ins in wide open spaces, Tampa has one of the most passenger friendly airports Ive traveled through.
  • Oscar Daniels

    Be nice to your Flight Attendants.
  • Lazaro Casanova

    Chili's too seems to be the only restaurant in F terminal.
  • Didi McElroy

    HMS runs a Multi vendor concession that has healthy options such as hummus and carrots. Right next to Nathan's Di don't shy away from hunting down dinner there!
  • Jason Keath

    Don't get your hopes up. Sadly, the Green Iguana Bar and Grill does not serve a single Iguana dish.
  • Christian Ziegler

    Welcome to Tampa, Florida!!! Only an hour away from the greatest place to live in the country --> Sarasota, FL. Come check it out!
  • Anthony H

    Initially I wasn't thrilled about flying into Tampa, but needless to say every comment is accurate and on point. Overall amazing airport!!! Why can't every airport be like this.
  • Tim H.

    I love this airport! Everything is so convienient
  • Big Ass Fans

    Enjoy the free wifi and the Big Ass Fans over the security lines. Your're welcome.
  • JP M.

    Sam Sneads airside A has good breakfast
  • Lori B

    TSA smooth - pat downs no big thing! Fly safe
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    FREE WiFi HERE!!!! (this is one of the nicest airports in the United States, IMHO)
  • Jason Cash

    Watch out for the bag Nazi at TPA
  • Shane Vanderson

    Don't say bomb
  • Tiffany R

    They have workstations where you can plug in.
  • Ted Trentler

    Free Internet and Free hour in short term Parking - Best Airport ever
  • Chuck

    Starbucks is open 24 hours.
  • Justin M

    Support new service and choose Copa Airlines if you're flying to Latin America.
  • National Car Rental

    No need to look for Wi-Fi here since it's free throughout the airport. Skip the souvenir shops and head to the International Shopping Plaza for your last-minute gifts (only 10 min from the airport).
  • Visit Philly

    Hey traveler: thinking about your next trip but want to cut down on airport hassle? Philadelphias just a direct flight away from Tampa Airport.
  • Scott Gordon

    Take advantage of the free wifi. But only if you like to party.
  • Jason Randle

    Know the difference between red and blue!
  • Mark Fidelman

    If you want to use an airplane, come here.
  • Zach Brose

    Don't get on the plane!!
  • Jesus Castro

    Every crying baby on the plane makes me donate more and more to Planned Parenthood.
  • PamMktgNut Moore

    Southwest terminal super slow at 6:00 am! Don't wait until last minute!
  • Pedro Gonzalez

    make sure your metal free to avoid having your rights violated by the body scanner.
  • Vadim Lavrusik

    Free wi-fi! More airports should offer this. They would have far more happy and patient travelers.
  • Melissa Hill

    Smoking area across from gate F88!!!
  • Sarah Moyer

    If picking someone up USE the Cellphone lot! It is helpful and there are restrooms AND free wifi!
  • Jordan B

    Greatest airport ever! No stupid boingo! Wifi=Free :) YES!!
  • ????Mayor Ry??ner????

    Come to airport & catch a plane
  • Michael Gass

    If you are renting a car I wouldn't recommend Payless.
  • Tom Hughes

    For pickups at busy times, arrange to meet on the roof - quick in and out.
  • Debacle ENT.

    Looking for the biggest events in Tampa Bay? Check out www.DebacleEnt.com for all the info!
  • Marc Reed

    Best airport in the country!!!
  • Joey Peral

    one of the better airports in the country, also i agree with kevin, marriott area u can catch some z's or anywhere in the delta terminal
  • Anand Patel

    Love our airport in Tampa! Free WiFi!
  • Paul Vaughan

    Get on a 'plane and fly somewhere!!
  • JP M.

    I always park on level 9.... It's the top floor but there are always spots next to the elevator
  • ??Allie M??

    Wait to get thru security to eat ... the Chilis in the terminal serves breakfast!
  • Jason M.

    By far the easiest airport to get in and out of... Plus free WiFi!!!
  • Jed Singer

    Free beers on Southwest!
  • Billy Womack

    I travel all over the US and out of the country and our airport is the BEST! So simple to get in and out of!
  • Coleman McCormick

    It's too busy here to be 05:30.
  • Joe Gaylord

    Free WiFi !
  • Zena Weist

    Best airport for family check-in.
  • Candy Watson

    Easy to maneuver through and some sweet shops =)
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    Check out the #Hilton on #ClearwaterBeach
  • Heather Miranne

    Don't drop the f-word in front of the southwest flight attendants. They'll mean mug ya real hard
  • Kenya Latonya

    DON'T PARK IN LONG TERM PARKING!!! Park in ECONOMY PARKING instead and save a bundle! $9 a day instead of $15 & a free airport shuttle right to your airline.
  • Kheyra Santos

    airplanes fly away! they are cool to watch. can we pretend that airplanes..............don't crash? :p
  • Carlos Chavez

    Check out the "observation deck" on the third floor of the terminal. It should be renamed the Vista de Nada deck since it provides a view of absolutely nothing.
  • Mike Vandall

    for a fun little getaway on a long layover visit the rotating restaurant at the top of the Marriott.
  • bruce

    Free wi-fi is great. Every airport should have it. [I'm talking to you, Norfolk.]
  • Jay Kerger

    TPA needs to get a clue. Your ID and bag should not be checked by someone who does not work for the TSA. It's not federally mandated. They also have no lines for first class or preffered members!
  • Michael Brigmond

    Valet parking is the only way to go. Take it from someone who loses and leaves keys in hotel rooms 1000s of miles away
  • David Derrick

    Well organized airport with an efficient hub and spoke layout. Nice shops and food choices while you wait.
  • Prsio Vasconcelos Miranda

    Aeroporto bonito e bem organizado. Wifi gratuito e muito bom. Esperava um aeroporto menor e me surpreendi.
  • Larry Ragans

    I personally put the magazines into the racks at all the stores in the Tampa International Airport. Feel free to browse.
  • Jim McDaniel

    Smoking area available in terminal C
  • Cody Henshaw

    Get a Cigar City Jai Alai at Cigar City In terminal C... Goes great with the black bean soup!
  • Lorena

    The signs for the different lanes are misleading.
  • Jennifer Lux

    Make sure to check out Cigar City Brewing in Terminal C! A Tampa Original.
  • Ashleigh D

    Best airport ever
  • Danna Crawford

    Need a ride?? Skip the cab go with the super shuttle!
  • Bev Hendricks

    Easy parking and first hour is free.
  • HART

    Tampa International Airport Transportation: HART Route 30 runs 30 min. weekday service to Downtown Tampa, all for only $2.00 one-way. Hands down, the best transportation deal to/from the airport.
  • Coraline O

    Free wi-fi. Friendly staff. Solid airport.
  • TampaBayNightLife.TV Get up, get out, live it up!!!

    In town and looking for fun things to do? Visit WWW.TampaBayNightLife.TV Tampa Bay's video entertainment guide.
  • LauraHuntStyle

    One of the cleanest & nicest airports in the U.S. Clean restrooms, free wifi, friendly service. Be prepared for SUPER loud announcements every 5 min. Definitely catering to a hearing aid population.
  • Ms.T??

    Ppl make sure when you fly to take your stuff of the plane..bec its a big headache for the gate agent to get your lost items of the plane..keep your s..t together!!!
  • Derrick Deering

    Love TPA!!!
  • Nicole Stella

    Don't know where I belong. Lost.
  • Sujit Director Marshall Center

    Great and efficient airport. Come visit us at USF!
  • Carlos Chavez

    Check out the hideous carpet.
  • eugenia erazo

    Welcome to Tampa :)
  • Brian Zimmerman

    Every airport should have free internet! Improves customer experience!
  • Amanda Torres

    I love just visiting this airport! Great afternoon field trip with the kids!
  • Darrin Mish

    Economy parking is cheap and convenient
  • Bruce Burke

    Old payphone booths have been converted to workstations. Power plugs!
  • Ken Lu

    Be prepared to show your ID & boarding pass twice -once before you get on the terminal tram & again at the security checkpoint! TSA is slow even when its not busy!
  • Joe C

    Look for the Healthy Snack kiosk at the gift shop. Nice touch by TPA giving us a small escape from the typical airport fare.
  • Michele Dudziak-Giannettini

    Lots of trips in and out of this place
  • akaCarioca

    One of the best airports in the entire country.
  • Chris Burns

    A big airport so prepare to allow extra time in the security line.
  • Eileen H'van

    Avoid Starbucks. Worst Cappuccino EVER. dolts working here are more interested in visiting with each other, wiping already clean counters and avoiding customers it's not worth asking for another.
  • Joy Mislevy

    Free WiFi. .. love the black leather chairs. Nice way to relax before going thru security to your gate.
  • G race

    Best, nicest airport and staff, serving major metro areas in the US. ATL is the worst.
  • Amy Hosey

    Good times... Until next time, stay classy Tampa, stay classy...
  • J.J. Rodriguez

    Best airport in the country -- hands down!
  • Dan Sakuta

    Arrive early
  • Shelly Jo

    Do not, do not, do not fly spirit airlines.

    One the best airports in the USA !
  • Raymond Embry

    Save time for shopping at the mall in the main terminal building.
  • Marcia Marangon

    That's my kind of airport! Super clean, signs showing where to go from the door to the gate and nice people to deal with.
  • Heath Jorgenson

    Yippee! Home!
  • Jessica Ormeno

    Free Wifi everywhere, very organized and easy to get to the gates, plenty of options to dine. Best airport in the US!
  • Heath Jorgenson

    Yippeee. Home.!
  • Edward Pludra

    $35.00 to Tampa airport from Pinellas county Tarpon springs to clearwater and St. Pete. 727-260-8294 book online and save. www.727taxi.com
  • Robert Killinger

    Check the elevator is really there before stepping in!
  • DJ Bash

    Best airport. Download DJ Bash app free at the App Store while you wait: http://j.mp/y0uMXC
  • Jordan Raynor

    I you're parking in Long Term Parking, try to park on the northernmost end of the 2nd level. It will put you right at the walkway to the terminal. Avoid the creepy shuttle on the 5th level.
  • Joe Murphy Librarian

    Business center in terminal A for outlets and quiet space.
  • Derek SebastianWoods

    Greetings Gay Republicans in town for the Republican National Convention. Hello & Welcome to Tampa Florida
  • ??gypsi dancer??

    I just got ASS RAPED in the security line. Not happy :(
  • Connect Global

    POst a Reply and let us know where in the world you're heading!
  • Kevin Edes

    Go to chilli's and get a rum and coke to go. Stewardesses do not like when you get up to pee during take off.
  • Christian Ziegler

    Welcome to Tampa! Home to the 2012 Republican Convention and just an hours drive to the #1 beach in the U.S. ---> Siesta Key Beach.
  • Christien Louviere

    Flying Delta? Bacardi restaurant is best bar/restaurant on concourse.
  • Alex Mujica

    Check bags outside to save time.
  • Jimmy St Louis

    Great airport! Short term parking my as well be at the plane
  • Samsonite

    Raise your dinner plans up a level at CK's revolving rooftop restaurant at the Marriott Tampa Airport.
  • Bill K

    Your horoscope for today suggests expanding your horizons. Spice it up and get on a plane!
  • Airport Parking Connection

    Get the discounted rates online at airportparkingconnection.com, use code "TWITTER" for an extra 10% off a parking reservation!
  • Steve Frick

    Free wifi
  • Ryan Frazier

    To advertise in one of the best Airports in the nation call 727-571-2224
  • Michael Blitch

    Looking for a place without noise or announcements? Check out the chapel in main terminal. Great place for sleepinginairports.com
  • Omar Dahmash

    If you need a ride from/to Tampa Airport Don't take a cab, get a Free Ride using Lyft on your iphone or Android from Lyft.com You must enter the following credit code in the payment tab: QJXY6X
  • Omar Dahmash

    Don't take a cab, get a Free Ride using Lyft on your iphone or Android from Lyft.com You must enter the following credit code in the payment tab:QJXY6X
  • Joel M

    To get the most free airline tickets, free hotel stays, or cash back from your spending, try the credit card rewards calculator at http://www.CreditCardTuneUp.com/
  • Cosmo Shepherd

    I recommend the Tarmac, it's wonderful! It's great for landing AND taking off! You can also sit and wait for hours on end on the tarmac if you like (or even if you don't like!)
  • Michelle Dederick

    1.For vehicle rentals try Enterprise. 2.Level 7 for parking spots are gd and 3.During 1hr (Short term parking lot) FREE.
  • Ken Koons

    1st hour in short turn parking is they way to go when you wait for incoming flights.
  • Michael Traylor

    If in the C terminal, Shulas burgers are excellent!!!!
  • Adam Palermo

    Who ever designed the bathroom placements in the departure terminal is a Dingbat. Why would you not put the Guys and girls next o each other!!!!!
  • Raffi Khatchadourian

    If you've rented a car from one of the in-terminal companies and need to fill gas before returning the car, set your GPS for a nearby gas station instead of the airport. There're no stations enroute.
  • Will Mitchell

    Awesome airport - park near elevators and go to 2 to walk right onto your plane...
  • Matt Martin

    Free WiFi and outdoor smoking areas by gates! This is an epic win!
  • Nick Centonze

    Opt out of the scanner...and wear loose fitting gym shorts. Boom.
  • Dewey Holleman

    There is Delta sky priority security line as well as TSA pre check . Look for the Starbucks inside E as well as the Columbia Restaurant, The 1905 salad is just as good as the location in Ybor City!
  • Jordan Raynor

    For the least amount of walking from long term parking, go to level 2 an hang a right as far as you can go towards the walkway.
  • DJ Goofy Whitekid

    If you fly Delta or United often, register for TSA PreCheck and you might be able to skip the long security lines. www.djgwk.com
  • EMRE K.

    Don't use the Payless rent a car company for rent a car.Because we are waiting shuttle for 30 min. Still didn't pass...
  • Marshall Davis

    Short term parking is first hour free and the bars and restaurants are on the public side of security. So go inside to see ye party off, or pick them up.
  • Fernando Rodriguez

    Aeropuerto grandisimo, si vas a transbordar toma tu siguiente vuelo con vario tiempo de diferencia
  • Bradley Noblitt

    Not a fan of the "Immediate Unloading ONLY" for picking up for guests... You either have to keep circling or just sit in the SHORT TERM PARKING till your party is ready for pick-up.
  • Tami Siewruk

    Best USA airport
  • Michelle Geering

  • Dio Zambrano

    Free wifi. Love it :)
  • Adil Shariff

    Cellphone waiting lot is awesome! They have food trucks, free wi-fi, restrooms, and a huge board to show you all the details of the flights. Best of all, it's free to use!
  • Isabella Mader

    1 hr free parking, free wifi, short ways !!!(you can, but you don't have to run passed 5000 shops). Best airport ever.
  • John

    If you are not checking in or checking a bag it does not matter what side you got to
  • Kevin Owens

    Tech savvy and want to make an impact? It's time for a career. www.verizonwireless.com/careers
  • Todd B.

    There is a UPS Store here in the Marriott!
  • TeyTey

  • Dr. Ive A. Roundcstuff

    I was able to bypass the security line using a Spirit Mastercard in the Spirit terminal.
  • Bryan Tupper

    RNC host city! Enjoy your time here! From @BryTupper
  • Ashley McCollum

    Free wi-fi! And Popeyes chicken biscuits in Terminal F.
  • Cher Roberts-Tushiah

    Short term parking? Do it on the roof and get a great view of Tampa bay!
  • Senaf Dillon-Pickhardt

    Very nice airport and good customer service. Got to my gate pretty quick!
  • Erlin Monrouzeau

    There is new place here that looks really cool its called First Fly.
  • Mark H

    My chocolate eggs were fine.
  • Samer Ali

    I still hate this dog & pony show involving removing my shoes and such...
  • Harland Henry

    They took my energy drink. That's so crazy.
  • Sandeep Sharma

    Be early for flight. The security line moves slowly.
  • Rae Mauge

    Eat before you get here because the cost of Starbucks is ridiculous
  • Nick Hoopes

    There is like a million Kenny Powers look a likes in this damn place! Oh and definitely don't eat at Quiznos
  • Chris Trew

    Six from TV's Blossom works at the Chili's here.
  • Lisa Rae

    Best cars for national r on the blue side! ask for Penn...
  • Drew Rivera

    Probably the most efficient airports in the country.
  • Aleshea Fontenot

    If you're gone for more than a week ....just get a driver ...cheaper
  • Michael McNulty

    Smoking section accessible from the terminal. No need to re-enter through security.
  • Santiago Gonzlez

    Check in curb side way quicker than ticket counter just take care of the skycaps
  • Zee Audi-Meister

    Elitist tip: if you don't fly first class why fly at all ?
  • Keith Courtney

    Sit back, relax, and soak in the free WiFi!
  • Omg Pup

    Pfffft... first class or no class.. legit your shit up!
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