International Plaza

Address: 2223 N West Shore Blvd
Phone: (813) 342-3790
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 68333


  • Visit Tampa Bay

    200 stores and 16 sit-down restaurants.Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Dillard's, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Apple, Crate & Barrel,The Cheesecake Factory.Adjacent to Tampa International Airport.
  • Kheyra Santos

    place is great for human watching. they are everywhere.
  • D

    ONLY the BEST go here. Promise :-)
  • Billy Calohan

    A huge mall with lots to do and a busy nightlife atmosphere. It has two stories of store, a long strip of multi-cultured restaurants, and included valet parking. If you are ever in the area, be sure t
  • Carlos Eats

    Love stopping by Teavana for some free tea!
  • Ran "Yodo Aw-som" @rannyran

    definitely my favorite mall in Tampa
  • ????Mayor Ry??ner????

    Great place to people watch :)
  • Meredyth Censullo Frameli

    Park at Dillards for quick access to Wiiliam Sonoma.
  • Nick G

    Bay Street section rocks hard, like a little European alleyway
  • Renee Jeffries

    Great shopping and food!
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    I love this mall! Could easily max out my spending limit here;)
  • Cassie Donovan

    Check out the Pub when you are here, delicious food, great service and a huge beer selection! Ask for Jeff at the bar!!!
  • Raul Juarez

    Def the best mall in TPA!!
  • Jacquie Stafford

    Don't be rude to the people that work in the stores.
  • Rachel Riot

    love this mall. CPK, Hot Topic & Cheesecake Factory
  • Morgana Vaccaro

    Best Mall in the Tampa Bay area. Shops for people of all ages. Decent selection of food options in the food court. Plenty of restaurants outside. Stores range from Louis Vuitton to Forever 21.
  • Nonie Castro

    Great mall for shopping, eating, or - just sit somewhere and people watch!
  • Larissa Silva

    Broskie central.

    This shopping center hosted the a Voyage of the Dawn Treader themed interactive ice palace from November 12, 2010 to December 24, 2010.
  • Darren Delgado

    Check out Old Northeast Jewelers downstairs center court next to Godiva for high end unique watches and unusual jewelry. No cookie cutter, common stuff there! They also buy jewelry and watches.
  • Andrew Colombani

    Dress like a hipster when you go to the food court; they'll think you work in the mall and give you discount.
  • Jacquie Stafford

    Don't wear your damn shower cap to the mall!
  • Lori Bustamante

  • Nina B

    Cheesecake factory is sooo good!
  • Mond Reyes

    The only mall in Tampa that has an Apple Store.
  • Brandon Berretta

    Check out Diesel... Huge sale and amazing sales associates!
  • Mallory Potier

    Go to bakers :)
  • Camille Paxton

    Always visit tampa olive oil :)
  • Dave Wright

    Hit the bars first to enhance your shopping experience.
  • Sally Baker

    See 'Charles' at MAC in Nordstrom's. He's fabulous.
  • Pedro Maymi

    Be sure to check out Zen Bistro amazing food and awesome drinks.
  • Amanda Collier

    Most AMAZING mall in Tampa!!! It's a must see!
  • Jason

    If you run into someone you know while shopping, go ahead and catch up in the middle of the aisle so we can all witness your happy reunion.
  • Steven Zimmerman

    A great place to bring the Wife shopping !
  • Marques Scholten

    You should definatly get your hair done at TONI&GUY at this mall
  • John Tesmer

    Best kids play area in a mall in Tampa Bay.
  • Jeffrey Farris

    Check out Skechers!
  • Kevin Zinck

    We love Nordstrom's ... If you want to learn about fragrance (which I never thought I would) it is the place!
  • Sizzly Auer Licensed Midwife

    Go to fossil awesome watches
  • Anthony Da'Ray

    Come visit Gymboree! Cutest clothes for ages 0-12!!
  • Kimberly Jensen

    Lush is amazing!!!
  • Lydia Hampton

    Saved a bunch $ with this free Coupon App iphone:, android: Hope you can use it!
  • Lydia Hampton

    Saved a bunch $ with this free Coupon App iphone:, android: Hope you can use it!
  • Maz Barros

    Algumas lojas tem preos muito melhores que Orlando. Vale a pena!
  • Dixie Wrecked

    You can see hipster dbags and trampa hoes in their native environment
  • April Marie Artist

    Great shopping. Great food outside at bay street. or in the mall.
  • Chris Taylor

    Nice to walk here.
  • Amy Fisher

    Love Dillards here!
  • Eeryn Falk-Lubicich

    Could easily max out my spending limit in this mall. Love it.
  • Darren Delgado

    Old Northeast Jewelers should be one of your stops. If you like fine watches and unique estate jewelry make it a priority. Most educated and experienced staff in the mall!
  • Ashley Perry

    Go to fly!!! Best store at mall to get snapbacks and clothes
  • Joey Newcombe
  • Denot Duta

    beli spokat ZARA, celana LEVI'S, dan beberapa kaos Aeropostale dsini, beberapa bulan lalu hampir hilang semua di colong sama org di kostan.
  • Brian LaVigne

    Nice mall, a bit upscale
  • Marlon Alaan

    They have Ticketmaster here!
  • MoDi ALDossary

    A lot of things in one spot. Shopping, restaurants and night life all in one place.
  • Cassie Baird

    So well laid out. Usually come here for Victoria's Secret.
  • Jessie Weissman

    has a bunch of stores. some places I've never even heard of.
  • Dan Havelin

    Lots of stores, lots of people. If you can't find whatever you're looking for here, you're out of luck there buddy.
  • Miguel Angel Mrls Ctto

    El mejor mall de tampa
  • Oleg Dusheyko

    Nice central plaza to have a rest
  • Karen Leon

    The Apple store is like a Toys R Us for children. You can never leave without getting something new.
  • Bob Zad

    Have lots of $$$$
  • Sandro Di Simplicio

    Apple store closed till 24th of May
  • Dan Sakuta

    B sure to get the passport to discounts from the concierge!
  • Ariane H

    Beautiful mall. You'll get tired walking around it. But the stores and restaurants are great
  • Rudnei Dias da Cunha

    A great mall in Tampa!
  • Joe Kelly

    I see white people...
  • Alan S

    When leaving the parking lot, make a left into the road that goes around the lot. It makes it much easier to leave since you can make a right turn onto the main entrance roads.
  • Jefferson Prestupa

    Great Place.
  • Hattan .M

    shouldn't miss it, Tampa famous mall
  • Sara Valentine

    Love this mall - stores for everyone!
  • MoMA Bar

    Muy cmodo y variedad de tiendas dd marca con descuentos !
  • Emilio C

    Best mall in Tampa.
  • Lucy Freeman

    The pub good martinis
  • Bobby Millikin

    Now has an Invicta Watch Store
  • Courtney S.

    Not a good place for hat shopping. No hat stores!
  • Joicelynne Jackson

    Watch out for the snobs.
  • Easy Figure International

    Missing this place in my free time...
  • Leticia Esmeralda TexmexAngel

    Movies, eatery places, great pics
  • Jess D

    Come to Wet Seal for great sales! Ask for Jessica!
  • Oscar Alvarez

    Absolutely love the Apple store!
  • Kathy Vanhorenbeck

    I'll take a Chai tea. Hold the beetles please ;)
  • Michelle Guest

    Can u find the smiling dog?
  • Claudette G-f

    This mall sucks. All overpriced stores, nothing reasonable. Two purses sitting on display in a store. Go to the other mall 2 miles from here.
  • Rachelle Callaway

    Santa with your pet every Sunday!!!
  • Brian Scott

    Don't come to the mall today, I ran out of gas looking for a parking space
  • JesaUFashions

    I can find it all here.
  • Michelle H.

    M*A*C Cosmetics is in the house!
  • Adam ??????????

    Don't come here on Black Friday. It's not a good idea.
  • Juniper Elf Shimmer

    abundant opportunities for reckless Retail Therapy!
  • Julie Roberti

    Stop by Gelateria del Duomo, the Amaretto is amazinggg!!!
  • Daniel Terry

    Good times
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