Howard Frankland Bridge

Address: I-275
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  • KAT

    Amazing view of the ocean! Watch the road ;-)
  • Shayla C.

    DRIVE!!! Drive as fast as you can!! :)
  • ?Beach Drive Inn?

    Shouldn't you be driving!!
  • Stephen Wittmaak

    Just pretend its Frogger!
  • Thane Covert

    Spelled correctly check the sign :)
  • Shannon VG

    Make sure you have enough gas!
  • Meredyth Censullo Frameli

    Find out if the Howard Frankland Bridge is jammed up before you cross the water by following @tampabaytraffic on Twitter!
  • Nick

    People are speed demons on this stretch !
  • Joshua Rodgers

    It's Frankland. 'LAND!! If you think it's 'lin, you're an idiot and should go ahead and check in to the incorrectly spelled location. Kthxbi.
  • Stephen

    Driving in the right lane going southbound always is faster.
  • Andrew Day

    Watch the road!!!!
  • Ashley Mcfarland

    Lolol frankland
  • Renee Cohen

    Keep your eyes on the road!!
  • Jennifer See

    Keep something heavy in your car incase you drive off the bridge you can break your window and make it out alive! :D
  • $TEP???lE V

    I miss driving over the bridge so pretty!!
  • ?Beach Drive Inn?

    It's all downhill from here
  • Joe Oswald

    Funny, I always thought it was the "Howard Franklin"
  • Autumn Nicole Hancock

    It's called Howard Frankland Bridge, not Howard Franklin
  • Thane Covert

    Look for dolphins!
  • Phillip Johnson

    Can drive as fast as you want on the bridge, but beware of troopers waiting for you after you get off the bridge.
  • TJ Goodman

    To Jamie V: I have both hands not on the wheel while checking in on 4SQ, while also holding a beer & a bong. Thank god for long legs. Also, I have plenty of bottled H2O in the car
  • Summer Alexander

    The left lane is the fast lane!!!
  • Jessica Reynolds

    Get gas before you venture across this bridge at rush hour...

    Kare??drive slowly and safety ????????
  • John William Barger

    It's spelled Frankland, not Franklin!
  • Andy S

    The premier bridge for travel between St Pete and Tampa. Constructed in 1920 when the "land" bridge that originally connected the 2 cities was deemed unsafe as it was made of twinkles.
  • Lisa S.

    Just a side note ... this is Tampa Bay, not the Gulf of Mexico and definitely not the ocean.
  • Phillip Johnson

    no cell phone reception at the top of the bridge. hard to check in at the right spot.
  • D Rock ?????????????????

    Go bucs !!!!!!
  • Tiffany Taylor

    I hope you have gas, because traffic can be atrocious!!
  • Krissi Bates

    It is FrankLAND and was named after this guy: ...Please stop editing the name to 'Franklin' because it's incorrect!
  • Jimmy Harnden

    On the way to TPA!
  • Chris Hollingsworth

    No traffic yet after 4 nightmare
  • Sam Gerb

    Beautiful drive to work at night
  • Gina Kelly

    Saw a dolphin!
  • Richard T.

    stop for gas before hitting this stretch!
  • Katrina Madewell Tampa Realtor

    Fall in love with Tampa bay with views like this!
  • Kirk Toepke

    Nice to be home
  • Bonnie Parmertor

    If you're headed north and going to Tampa International Airport, stay in the 2nd lane in from right side of bridge. This lane will go to the airport whereas the others will split off.
  • SeeYouThere

    Not a tall bridge, watch where you're going, but of course look for dolphins around dusk. :) beautiful view.
  • Lindsay Clara

    Don't check in and drive!!!!
  • Ginny Morris

    Great view!
  • stp03bluesi

    Don't get mad...I love driving slow.
  • Adrienne B.

    It's Frankland--unless they misspelled it on the SIGN.
  • Phillip Johnson

    Its "Howard Frankland Bridge" and its not located at 275 and Linebaugh. It spans across the Tampa Bay.
  • It's me

    Nobody signals before changing lanes, just saying.
  • Earnest Hansley

    Make sure you know where you're going. Once you start this bridge, you can't stop!
  • Jason M.

    True that Krissy!
  • Whitnie S

    It is Howard Franklin not Frankland...
  • Kim Cason

    I have had many great races there.
  • Heather Martino

    Spelled wrong
  • TeyTey

  • Tom Simek Jr

    Beautiful view of Tampa Bay
  • Susan J. Stein aka SusieQ

    A very long bridge, almost like the. 7 mile bridge to the keys
  • Kelly Neal

    Traffic during tourist season is bad and always backed up, but I'm thankful there were no accidents. And it gave me time to check in!
  • Austin Westermann

    Worst drivers in Florida...
  • Erael Bonilla

    Try to get on it before 5pm
  • Jared L

    Great place to kick back and relax
  • Scott Patterson

    If you're a birder, this bridge is fun (but dangerous - trying to keep eyes on the road)! LOTS of cool birds...
  • Stephanie Marie

    that is alot of water!
  • Chris Edson

    Water looks sweet....
  • Kelvin McD.

    Resist the temptation to switch lanes frequently; you'll get there sooner.
  • Jonny Lutz

    Traffic sucks!
  • Diane Piscopo on the bridge and its telling me im too far from the bridge to get any points??????
  • Lindsey Force

    Traffic is the worst
  • Drew Rivera

    Crossing during high winds(or hurricanes) is interesting when the water breaks and spills all over the road. Stay safe!
  • Von Ping

    heavy traffic
  • Leana Jones Zombro

    No no please don't told u u have to take me.
  • Jason Randle

    After 3:30 p.m. "Bring a book"!
  • Dani Adams

    Move over if you want to drive slow...
  • stp03bluesi

    Don't get mad...I love driving slow.
  • Stephen Fox

    Dont check in if youre driving; carpool and have your passenger do it for both of you.
  • German Gonzalez

    Avoid this bridge weekdays from 430-630 at all cost! It's a parking lot.
  • Jacki Scott

    If you're heading easy for the airport, stay to the 2ND lane from the right!
  • Chad Jennings

    Long bridge. Check your gas.
  • Desmond Clark

    Enjoy the view!!!
  • Keith Harris

    HD panoramic
  • Steve

    Nice sunset
  • Heidi

    Don't drive (in evening rush hour) over the bridge going north.
  • Cathy Torrey

    Clear sailing today...
  • Jacki Scott

    there always seems to be a traffic jam heading east
  • Nancy Martin

    Prepare for a long commute across by bringing some great audio books.
  • William M

    Follow @tampabaytraffic to avoid this mess!
  • Avril Tatum

    Excellent at sunset.
  • Victoria

    Avoid from 430-6 for traffic
  • Shaqwana Reed

    Enjoy the beautiful oceanfront
  • Tamara Santiago

    Is a fast pace drive. Be careful with the trucks.
  • Marie Hickey

    Cops all over the bridge coming from Pinellas to Tampa.
  • Ginger Dodds

    Thurs July 19 small dachsund seen at exit for airport & Kennedy by shoulder - no collar
  • Trish Magdziak

    Nice relaxing drive... Chillllll
  • John Torres

    Be prepared to stop during rush hour.
  • Ice Princess 6772

    Traffic. Traffic. & more traffic... 15mph. Stop~go and never go above 15mph
  • Eric McHugh

    Stay in one effen lane!!!!
  • Tina Van Doren

    This is a crazy driver switching lanes all over bridge
  • Ashley Ruhlman

    Avoid northbound in the afternoon between 5 and 8, traffic is slow and ridiculous
  • Dani Adams

    Hit the gas and drive smart!
  • Maddie Dehring

    Smooth sailing at 2am :)
  • Jnetable Meadows

    State trooper s bound on pinellas side
  • Audra Crossley

    Tampa is beautiful
  • Kristi Lamons

    It's not spelled wrong...that's what the sign says on the bridge. Haha
  • Trisha. Haddad

    Chocolate is good morning noon and night
  • Brandy Macias

    Don't run out of gass this is a bridge that joins tampa and st pete Fl
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